This is why we can't have sex outside …

Watching other people have sex for free isn't something most people would typically get upset over, but one Sacramento man claims so many people are fucking each other in the park outside of his home, that he's had to take extreme measures to get them to stop.

To discourage the rampant boning, he's set up an arsenal of surveillance cameras around his house and up a nearby light pole to record the activities. Only problem is, this solution has been less effective at stopping people's outdoor sexcapades and more effective at helping him amass a robust selection of amateur porn. 

Marty, watcher of the night, told IE, “I have seen and recorded 50 some sex events. I’m just a guy protecting my neighborhood and my family."

Yes, Marty, thank God you were there to protect your family by filming floppy titties then saving the video for yourself.

Marty says that when he moved into the neighborhood, he loved the park. By day it's a sunny scene of pleasant, family-friendly activities where children play. But at night, it's just a complete fuck-fest.

In Marty's videos, you can see one couple getting frisky out in the open for any passerby to see. Afterwards they adjust their clothing, then jet.

Another couple cuddles awkwardly before driving away.

Sometimes, Marty confronts these steamy lovebirds and tells them to scram, but mostly, he just gives the videos he records to the police or posts them on our favorite amateur porn site, YouTube.

Understandably, this has generated some controversy.

“People deserve their privacy,” wrote one critic of Marty's filmmaking. However, there's a fine line between deserving privacy and offering up your grundle for the word to see as you ravenously fuck in a public park, something that Marty acknowledges with his fine art.

“People think I’m shaming them but we're not. It was originally started for just neighborhood watch,” Marty admitted.

He seems to have the total support of the sheriff's department. Wonder why!