It’s over two thousand and eighteen years after our Lord and shaver’s day of birth and what that means for society is … anyone’s guess really. To some unhealthy optimists, it means technological advances far and wide with the reach of immortality so close we can smell it — a truly #blessed life indeed.

For others, the past half-decade or so has been wearing on them heavily, and the all-out extinction of man is a prospect they're begging for every night before tucking themselves in under an Urban Outfitters sheet set.

Which brings us to kids, a hotly debated topic regardless of where you stand on the planet. For some in the younger generations, following the linear convention of love–>marriage–>kids is fine. The future looks bright. Yet more and more, a growing lot of them are saying “fuck that” and acting upon their selfish impulses, waiting for the day the whole shithouse goes up in flames with their own popcorn in hand. No sharing.

A few months back, we asked our reader to complete a Sex Survey. One of the questions dove directly into this very topic: Do you or do you not want kids? And why.


"continue my blood line"

"Carry on my genetic excellence"

"For the bloodline"

"My kids will be smart and funny I want to see what who comes from me, What can i tesch them about life"

"Why not make a mini copy of yourself?"

"I love my significant other and finally realize a family with him would be nice, it was never something that I wanted, or marriage, until I met him."

"I think I'm awesome so my kids probably will be too"

"I want some mini me's, some prototypes, some version 2.0's"


"I don't know if I'll meet anyone I want to have kids with"

"Kids are expensive and gross and I'd rather go on vacations"

"I'd rather have money than kids."

"The world is terrible place"

"Theyre terrible"

"Do not wish to destroy myself mentally, emotionally or physically"

"They ruin lives and are annoying and gross. Oh, and they are expensive as fuck. And I don't like sharing, especially my food."

"Kids annoy me and I enjoy my freedom and flexibility"

"My spouse and I are pretty selfish and really value our time."

"not ready, I wanna do other stuff by myself"

"It's unsustainable and irresponsible at this point. I also work in childcare/education; I have enough kids I'm responsible for without my own."

"I don't think you need to be legally bound to someone to show you love them. Kids?! Nah, my cat is enough of a handful."

[originally published February 23, 2018]