The more a woman “Ommms” the more she’s likely to “Ooooh” — this according to a February 2018 study in the “Journal of Sex & Marital Therapy.”

Women who practice meditation expressed both having more sex and desiring it more than women who don’t Zen-out.  

The study supporting the correlation between meditation and sexual activity/desire was done via an online survey asking questions about meditation experience, sexual function, desire, interoceptive awareness, health and mood. (Vocab lesson, "Interoception" is signals and perception of our internal bodily sensations.)

Women who meditated scored higher than non-meditators, however don’t think meditating for two straight days will give you the best sex of your life. There was no significant correlation between frequency or length of meditation and sexual function or desire.

Still, Viagra might be in trouble since this phenomenon may not be exclusive to women. (Also meditation is free. So for the sake of your O’s, download the Headspace meditation app immediately.)

Investigatve Reddit users have stumbled upon the connection too, like a sir Elliotbelliot who following a breakup and sensing his penchant for negative self-talk turned to meditation:

“I turned on my laptop, opened up the meditation segments, and meditated for 20 minutes. IT WAS INSANE how fast it worked. It was like i wasnt that crazy overwhelmed person anymore… From that day on, ive been meditating almost daily. And from that day on im getting horny all the time, whereas before i thought that i had problems with my libido and was googling all the time how to increase libido (i exercised and took vitamin D) and all of them didnt work.”

Others attested:

“I only started meditating about 6 weeks ago as part of my New Year's resolutions. At least a dozen times now, after I've finished my guided meditation, I am extremely horny. Eep.”


“I had about three days on the 10 day Vipassana retreat I attended, that I couldn't stop visualizing highly sexual scenarios.”

The San Francisco ECO Institute suggests meditating will make you a “Super-Lovemaker,” while a Harvard study confirmed Tibetan monks can raise the temperature of their fingers, toes, and “other extremities” through meditation alone. And as we all know, higher temperatures equal greater blood flow, greater blood flow equals … you get it.

At the basic level, meditation may have the potential to increase your libido (male or female) because the practice can lower stress levels, feelings of anxiety, and depression. Anxiety and stress are both known to increase the production of cortisol which dramatically decreases sexual arousal.

Go get 'em tiger. 

[cover photo Becca Tapert via Unsplash // originally published April 24, 2018]