Amy McBain and her partner, Alex, wanted to try a little experiment. They wondered, what would happen if he went down on her every day?

The answers they found were earth-shattering.

“After this experience, I now believe that women need oral sex on a daily basis,” Amy tells me as we’re chatting on her back patio. “Every. Single. Fucking. Day.”

She believes that her ritual of receiving head brought all other facets of her life into equilibrium.

“Everything regulated. My sleep, my weight, my health, my emotions, my relationships. When I don’t have this in my life, the exact opposite. I find I’m irritable, easily triggered, and I don't sleep as well.”

The difference is so stark that Amy now believes women have a medical need for cunnilingus. And she intends to provide it to them.

Amy’s story begins the moment she received the most bomb head in her entire lifetime. It came from her current partner, Alex. Amy is usually the polyamorous type, but after this unprecedented clit-licking, she decided to lock that shit down.

“When he went down on me, I pushed him away and asked, ‘What the hell did you just do?’” she says. “It was this transcendental thing, where I could tell he was listening deeply [to my vagina].”

Alex actually tried to put his methods into words. Amy actually wrote them down. Together, they created a 10-page manuscript which outlines how to give a woman mind-blowing oral sex. They named their new practice “yoni whispering,” and decided to share it with the world.

“Yoni” is a fancy tantra word for “pussy,” and “whispering” is a way of describing how the twat-stroker is communicating directly with the vagina.

“Yoni whispering means deep listening from a place of what the yoni wants, not from me saying ‘I need you to touch me harder, faster or slower, softer,” Amy explains. “It’s an advanced approach to cunnilingus that tries to determine, how much pleasure can the yoni possibly receive? It’s more than we think we deserve, more than we think is possible.”

Despite its profound health benefits, yoni whispering was difficult to turn into a daily habit for Amy and Alex. Both have jobs, children, and chaotic schedules. Neither are always in the right mood, or have the energy to go to pound-town. But that didn’t stop them. They didn’t make excuses — they’d make orgasms.

“Sometimes, yoni whispering is a part of sex. We’d do the yoni whispering first and then we’ll probably have sex after,” Amy says. “But a lot of times, we’d set it up as a healing practice to be used outside of sex, even when we don’t want sex. This is a novel notion. When I’m super stressed and I’m wigged out, there’s no way I’m thinking about sex! And I’m certainly not thinking that I’m in a mindframe to be able to receive oral. But we do it anyway, and it transforms whatever I was going through.”

Alex and Amy’s sexperiment is profound for the way it flips the script on our typical sexual dynamic. Whereas most straight sexual encounters focus on his jizzum as the climax and conclusion of the experience, “yoni whispering” makes the woman’s orgasm the center of attention.

“Women always have this worry of, ‘How much am I going to have to give back to him to receive pleasure?’ Yoni whispering creates this container of ‘I’m going to go down on you for as long as possible and have no expectation of reciprocation,’” Amy says. “It’s liberating, and it consistently leads to multiple orgasms. Once I achieve one, we ask ourselves, ‘How can we pause for a minute and see if there’s more? And see if there’s more?’ I can literally orgasm for hours.”

Amy and Alex have dreams of creating an oral sex empire with their patented pussy-pleasing techniques. They’re currently hosting workshops through Amy’s sensual meditation company, Intentional Orgasm, where couples can practice yoni whispering in a group setting. One such event, called “Brunch and Munch: Feed Her then Eat Her,” involves a delicious mid-morning meal, with pussy for dessert.

Some might say Amy takes oral sex too seriously, but daily multiple orgasms have made her pretty immune to others’ judgements. At this point, it’s hard to hear the criticism over her shrieks of sheer ecstasy.  

[originally published August 23, 2018]