What you need:
A deck of cards
3-13 people
Lots of beer

How to play:
      For our example, we’ll play with a group of give people. Everyone sits in a circle and is assigned one card: Ace, 2, 3, 4, or 5 (discount higher cards if you’re playing with less people). The card dealt remains each player’s card for the rest of the game, and everyone should note who has which card. The dealer then gives each player one of all the cards (usually Ace through 5) except for their own—this will be the card the player plays with. He/she then states the yearbook award: “Most likely to…” followed by an activity. For example: “Most likely to pass out in someone else’s puke tonight.” Each player picks the card of the person he/she thinks is most likely to fulfill the statement then places that card face down in the center of the circle.
      Once everyone has made their selection, the dealer gathers the cards and hands the players the cards (if any) with their numbers on them. Each player must then pick who he/she thinks chose him/her. If he/she is right, the person who chose him/her drinks. If the player is wrong, he/she takes two drinks. This continues around the circle for everyone who was chosen. The player with the most cards drinks double, and starts the next round once the cards are redistributed. The number of players involved can be increased by increments of five (Ace-10) for every deck added and can be played with up to 13 players (Ace-King) with three decks.