What's that? Something to look forward to?

According to a recent survey of 5,000 singles in America, most people are having the best sex of their lives after 60 years old. 

Not when they were 18 and everyone was mildly available with a rebel spirit. Not at 22, in college, where everything was on the table. Not after 30, when things like eating Totino's pizzas and stealing from the self-checkout lanes just to survive become less of a thing. And not even after 40, when people just stop giving a fuck about anything. 

No, according to the 8th Annual Singles in America survey, most people are having great sex after six long decades of being alive. And sex therapist Dr. Madeleine Castellanos thinks she knows why.

"As you get older you know what you like physically," Castellanos tells the Daily Mail. And as relationships begin to wean later in life, a new sense of freedom sets in and suddenly options are wide open. 

"Many of them had a much more narrow range of experience limited by who they were with," she adds.

And really, people just don't have the same paltry sense of self-worth as before. As a person gets older, they begin to realize that caring about what others think is an egregious waste of time. "The older you are the less limited you are about what other people think, what society thinks and what your partner thinks," says Castellanos.

Plenty of studies back up what the survey found. *trigger warning* Senior sex is rampant in retirement homes and correlates with the dramatic rise in STI cases seen in recent years. Some even suggest both men and women are highly active well into their 80s and beyond. Old people sex is a thing, and, well, they're having a lot more of it than anyone else. 

So maybe the world isn't all bad right now. Give it a few more decades and you have this to look forward to. 

It's either that or aliens take over. In which case, they'll have plenty of sex with you, too.

[cover photo by Sarah Diniz Outeiro on Unsplash]