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Motörhead, legendary English rock band, is teaming up with sex toy company Lovehoney to release a new line of vibrators. So fill-out those preorders now for that special someone who has everything except a bullet-shaped vibrator with ‘OVERKILL’ written on the side of it.

Front man Lemmy and the band have created a brand new line of bullet and torpedo-shaped vibrators, called simply “The Official Pleasure Collection.” The company forewarns fans to “prepare for the sort of mind-blowing orgasms you’d expect from the loudest band on Earth.”

A line of vibrators just seemed like the next logical step for a band that released the song Vibrator on their self-titled debut album in 1977.

There was no shortage of names for the line coming from a band that has released such albums as Orgasmatron, Iron Fist, Motörizer, Aftershock and Snake Bite Love.
The ‘Snake Bite Love’ collection is almost begging for a regional-specific market release.

“The range captures the rock and roll lifestyle of the band perfectly, and offers a unique counterpoint to the traditionally pink and purple toys that currently dominate the market,” as stated by Lovehoney’s co-founder, Neal Slateford.

“We designed these classic vibes for both fans of Motörhead and rock lovers, as well as those who just want a cool looking toy to add to their collection,” Slateford continues.

So whether you’re looking to get intimate with a vibrator named after one of your stepdad’s favorite bands or just adding something to your curio cabinet besides Precious Moments Figurines and seraphim angels, there’s a Motörhead Orgasmatron waiting for you.

As noted in their hit song Vibrator written from the first-person-perspective of a, you guessed it, vibrator:

“I’ll be here when next you need me

I’ve never ever failed the test

‘cos I’m a Vibrator

Pleased to make a start,

Vibrator, with a powerpack for a heart.”