Pornhub continues to make the world a better place … 

Remember how your school's guidance counselor told you to apply for all those crazy scholarships? Because "somebody has to win the money," right? And that you thought about it, but probably didn't do it? It's time to make up for that. And shave a few years of grinding labor trying to pay off school loans. 

The saints over at Pornhub want to make the world an even better place by handing out $25,000, and it's not even to their most-watched actors. It's for school and learning!

You could totally win this! Yes, it's provided by one of the biggest porn sites in the universe, but cash is cash, baby. 

We know you’re probably thinking this is some kind of gag, but the people at Pornhub are serious. Candidates must have at least a 3.2 GPA, and submit a 1,000–1,500 word essay and a two- to five-minute personal video.

You can even keep your clothes on — they don't accept any nudie videos … on this part of their site. 

And hurry! The scholarship contest closes on October 31. We've already submitted. And we're gonna win.