CEOs of sex bot companies claim sex dolls fulfill all a human's need for companionship and intimacy.

A recent study found 1 in 6 men would consider a romantic relationship with a robot, which is a far cry from the less than 2% of women who’d be down for some roboning. With a potential market in the US alone of 25 million consumers, the next generation of sex dolls is a booming industry.

In an interview with Vanity Fair, artificial-intelligence expert David Levy professed that by 2050 robots “will have the capacity to fall in love with humans and to make themselves romantically attractive and sexually desirable to humans.” Pew Research Center report similarly predicts that robot sexual partners will be “commonplace” by 2025.

Roxxxy is the latest prototype in sex-bot technology from True Companion, but don’t get it twisted, these aren’t your poppa’s blow-up dolls.

Roxxxy weighs 60lb, she is 5ft 7in tall and comes with a variety of hair colors, moveable limbs and realistic skin. Consumers are be able to select from an array of personalities to upload into their programmable Roxxxies, from "Wild Wendy" to "Frigid Farrah." I’m assuming there’ll be a ‘Passive-Aggressive Pauline’ available for the West Coast. The robots are selling for upwards of $9,000 and the company expects to start shipping in a few months.

The new and improved humanoid doll is the brainchild of electrical engineer and computer scientist Douglas Hines, the founder of True Companion. Hines formerly worked in the artificial intelligence lab with AT&T Bell Laboratories.

Hines told the BBC, his sex robot evolved from his firm's line of healthcare robots, which were designed to look after elderly or infirm patients. It seems like an odd transition ostensibly from caretaking to the sex industry; however as noted by Hines, "Sex only goes so far – then you want to be able to talk to the person.”

Roxxxy is capable of having conversations about a vast database of ever-increasing knowledge. She will be able to blend phrases out of prerecorded words and sounds. A laptop which connects to the robot through a series of cables receives updates over the Internet to expand her capabilities and vocabulary so he conversational capabilities can grow along with your boner. As noted in an interview, Hines is an avid soccer fan, and Roxxxy can already discuss Manchester United. She even snores, because what’s more comforting than sinking into debilitating insomnia while the person you love sleeps soundly next to you? So human.

However, despite her impressive technological ability to adequately sub in for human females, many people fear Roxxxy and dolls like her will promote a culture that objectifies human relationships and perpetuate violence towards women. This stance has gained enough popularity that a ban on humanoid sex-robots has been issued in the UK.

In the face of this, Hines is sticking to his companionship narrative for Roxxxy, regardless of the fact that his robo “healthcare workers” come standard with disproportionate, massive fun bags and fuckable mouth holes.

"We are not supplanting the wife or trying to replace a girlfriend. This is a solution for people who are between relationships or someone who has lost a spouse,” Hines told the NY Daily News. “The physical act of sex will only be a small part of the time you spend with a sex robot — the majority of time will be spent socializing and interacting.” Speak for yourself, Hines.

See … they’re friends. Us and our filthy minds. People will only be forcing their dicks down their $9K humanoid fuck slaves part-time. The rest of the livelong day, they’ll be playing Parcheesi, talking futbol, maybe birdwatching before Roxxxy dozes off audibly in her Eames chair again.

One of the other leaders in the sex/companion tech is RealDolls. RealDolls’ CEO, Matt McMullen, echoed Hines sentiment in an interview with PSFK: “We’re trying to create the simulation of a caring, intelligent being that can look out for you and even work in the sense of a personal assistant like Siri. It can remind you of things, it can connect to home automation features. So you can tell your doll to turn on the heat when you get home, and she would respond in a more lifelike way.”

All us dudes have ever wanted in a female companion is a thermostat with tits, so that works out nicely.

Ladies, don’t worry; there may be a male companion for you all as well when all the apparent technophilia shit hits the fan in 2050. Real Dolls CEO noted, “Right now the prototypes are female. We do dabble in male dolls … if this starts to fall together and it’s working well, then we’ll probably look into doing a male version.”

Well, in the midst of global warming, rising sea levels and antibiotic-resistance pandemics, at least we’ll be loved and our life pods will be a flawless 70.0 degrees Fahrenheit while Mother Nature further attempts to purge us from the face of the Earth.