Look around you … chances are there's a sugar daddy in your midst, because Denver is literally brimming with them.

Just in time for ungodly annual tuition increases and mass student loan deferrals, a new report shows the city of Denver is chock-full of sugar daddies — and the number is growing rapidly. So if one can stomach doing Baby Boomer things like watching ‘Dancing with The Stars,’ or would bang an actual Baby Boomer just for the story, there may be a way out of eternal poverty …

SeekingArrangement.com, an online dating site geared towards pairing self-proclaimed sugar daddies and the occasional sugar momma with young individuals willing to trade companionship for financial support, just published their annual report and findings.

The release shows the number of sugar daddies in the Denver area has increased by 37 percent since figures were calculated in 2014.

For the purposes of the report, a sugar daddy was defined as “a 45-year-old who spends an average of $4,252 per month on his companion.” That’s an annual allowance of just over $51k. Not too shabby. And your non-sugar boyfriend wants a handy after picking up a Hot-N-Ready … LOL, bye Felicia!

Denver is currently listed at  #14 on the sugar daddy population list. Weirdly enough though, in 2014 the percentage of sugar daddies in Denver was listed at 6.54 per 1,000 males, lower than the current 2015 figure of 8.97.

The study concluded that Austin, TX is now the top sugar-daddy capital of the US — displacing the previous sugar daddy mecca that was apparently Atlanta.

From May to June, 39 percent of sugar daddies nationwide were married, but that number decreased to 34 percent when figures were recalculated at the end of August, i.e. when the whole Ashley Madison hack went down. Regardless, there are still plenty of sugar daddies ripe for the pickin’.

At least all these transplants are bringing full pockets along with their terrible Midwest accents and Worst Coast sensibilities.


#1.  Austin 23.24
#2.  Atlanta 21.60
#3.  Las Vegas 19.23
#4.  Boston 18.25
#5.  Orlando 18.10
#6.  Dallas 16.83
#7.  Vancouver 15.36
#8.  Tampa 14.59
#9.  Chicago 14.53
#10.  San Francisco 14.21
#11.  Houston 12.64
#12.  Seattle 10.82
#13.  Washington 10.72
#14.  Denver 8.97
#15.  Portland 7.11
#16.  Edmonton 6.24
#17.  Charlotte 5.75
#18.  Phoenix 5.66
#19.  Los Angeles 5.48
#20.  Toronto 5.37