Because talking is hard.

Sexual consent is all the rage these days, but far too many millennials are absolutely terrible at communicating. This is a huge problem, but lets be honest, are millennials ever going to learn to communicate properly? Probably not. But thanks to a North Carolina mother of three, this problem is about to be obsolete. Her solution – the world’s first sexual consent app.

The new "Yes to Sex" app is the first app designed to ensure both parties in a potential hookup want to get freaky. The app solves the consent problem, but good luck getting someone to formally consent to banging you without making things awkward AF.

Yes to Sex is the first app to record and store verbal consent for a hookup. The app runs through a series of questions like your STD status, if you are opting to use protection, and your chosen safe word if you decide to go all BDSM on that ass. Things conclude with the user recording their verbal consent. The app’s database stores the recording for a full year.

According to the app’s founder, the system uses "the same data encryption as the Department of Defense (and) the records can only be retrieved with court-endorsed orders, ensuring anonymity." Which sounds pretty legit (and frightening) to us.

Sure, US Department of Defense technology doesn’t sound sexy, but neither is smashing without consent. The awkward conversation about using the app is certainly going to be less awkward than your conversation with the police if you didn’t get the proper yes or no.