A new survey claims to have uncovered the true nature of Denver style … which is surprisingly not rasta towels, drug rugs or bong hats.

A new study from Dot & Bo, a guided shopping service that helps you decorate your home like a not-idiot, examined over 100,000 customer orders across the top 15 U.S. regions to uncover what they call "signature home decor styles in highest demand."

Denver, it seems, demands things under the ambiguous classification "Industrial Scandinavian."

It seems as if Dot&Bo has just added the word "industrial" or "Scandinavian" to every broad U.S. geographical region, but hey, naming things is hard. We know because our office fish is named "Dead Guy" because it's been dead for like 15 months now.

Some "Industrial Scandinavian" things Denverites apparently crave are:


And this:

Aaand this, a "friendship candle," because nothing smells better than the scent of not-loneliness:

Well … there's definitely something to be said for being too high to make rational decisions we guess.

Meanwhile, we're still trying to figure out Boulder's signature style … "Kayak Illuminati" is pretty much in the lead. Meanwhile, for Ft. Collins, we're thinking "Smash Mouth Bread Scandal Contemporary?" Yeah … it feels right.