Women have periods? Oh god! When did that start?

Just imagine a dystopian hellscape where you bleed out of your penis for 3-5 days a month because you didn't get knocked up. Gross, right? Probably the worst scenario you could ever dream up. Ugh. No one should ever, ever have to go through that, because it sounds just awful. And if that ever did happen to, say, 3 billion people every 28 days, you'd never want to talk about it. And god forbid that children should ever learn about this crotch-based bloodbath. Naturally, it's better to just ignore this topic entirely.

Everyone in the universe agreed on this until a company called Thinx showed up. They want to sell period underpants, and instead of using ads depicting self-confident women having adventures or pouring pitchers of blue water into pads, they want to show women in their underwear. Gross. Too gross.

The company wants to "eliminate shame" surrounding periods and proposed an ad campaign to promote its "underwear for women with periods." According to Thinx's CEO and co-founder, Miki Agrawal, the ads have not been approved for placement in the New York City subway by Outfront Media, a company responsible for reviewing advertising for the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA), for various reasons including the amount of skin visible in the ads.

I hope you're ready to be completely disgusted.

An orange? Sweet Jesus, I just threw up. Ugh. 

After you've wiped the vomit off your screen, cleanse your palate with this other ad that was approved for everyone, including children.

Ahh … that's better. Instead of reminding us that women have gross periods, we can see that they're really hot. Perfect.