Valentine's Day can be a lonely day for some. But for a group of devout dog owners, the day is filled with steamy make-out sessions and face licking from none other than their K-9 companions. A pet store called Planet Dog in Maine held it's ninth annual "Make out with your dog" contest where owners can either go tongue to tongue or tongue to face – A2M is advised against.

This years winner was a beautifully, humble 12-year-old Yorkie and dachshund mix named Beau and his voluptuous and vivacious owner Linda. The two went at it for 45.8 seconds crowning them the winners of this year's contest and solidifying their inter-species relationship.  But of course, the incentives for such a contest must be extremely high; who wants to makeout with their dog for simply a gift card? Well, evidently a lot of people. The winner walked away with a $75 gift card to the pet shop. Looks like Beau will be getting his nails trimmed so that Linda doesn't keep getting scratched on her back.

Don't believe it exists? Here's video footage.