Somewhere off in an illuminati mansion, Kanye softly cries every time a deep-fried “Yeez” stick is pulled from the frier. 

Kanye West is king of the not-so humble-brag. We mean, we’re talking about a man who openly flaunts the very fact that he dresses his two year-old child in $3,500 furs … meanwhile we can’t even pay our $20 parking ticket. That being said, the universe itself seemed to be turned upside-down when Yeezus all-out begged Mark Zuckerberg amongst other billionaire venture capitalists for money to help his failing business ventures. Admittedly over $50 million in debt, the Kanye West brand seems to on the brink of collapse.

In a time of fluctuating currency rates and a slowing Chinese economy, if we can’t invest our worthless monies in Yeezy Boosts (the shoes were reselling online for well over $2,000) and gold bullion for the coming stock market crash, who/what can we trust?

Brandon of the YouTube channel Name Bran Clothing, took this moment to mourn the death of the Yeezy brand by doing what was only prudent in a time like this: deep-frying a pair of his much sought after Yeezy Boosts.
The modern Viking burial, indeed.

In a handy video of how to make the same sacrifice, Brandon takes a pair of the brand spankin’ new Yeezy Boosts, dollops them in batter and then promptly deep-fries them. Why? Because he said it “looks dope.” Evidently, dope-looking tempura sneakers decaying on the shelf brings him more satisfaction than actually wearing them.

Check out the video for yourself, and let’s all deep fry our idols together.