The universal past time of drawing penises will never get old.

The universal past time of drawing penises will never get old. Whether it’s on a passed out friend’s jaw line or just a random doodle on the side of a bathroom stall, there will never be an age when you stop chuckling about the phallic decoration.

In Sweden, penis artists took it one step further by carving a large penis into a nearby frozen lake. The artwork attracted a large following of fans and foes, eventually forcing city workers to do away with the large one-eyed monster.

Because of the nature of the penis location and the thin ice on which the penis was carved, officials were baffled at how they would cover up said ice penis.

…Of course, a broom with a very long handle will do just fine. Unfortunately, officials underestimated how many people truly enjoyed the city artwork as a Facebook page denouncing the penis coverup sprang to life on social media, galvanizing some 3,000 penis lovers. It was so overwhelming that the official who scrubbed away the penis even came out with an emotional comment about his actions.

I want to say that I am sincerely sorry to see that this many people miss the snow penis. Our thought was to give a hand to the City Council who stand helpless and not try to stop the freedom of art.

For this I want to apologies. To recreate the snow penis in Vallgraven [another area of Gothenburg] is risky but we are thinking about you and at this moment I am trying to figure out the best way to recreate a big and lovely snow penis in the memory of the old one. Please offer suggestions and we will do our best to make this happen.

And the official stayed true to his word, using a snow-blower to shape a snow penis so large on a nearby field that you need an aerial view to take in the entire bush snake.

In a world where people rarely often give back to society, it’s good to see that even the city official understands the cultural importance of the occasional penis drawing.