With the holidays right around the corner, it is key to find the perfect gift for your lover. If you have fetishes that you share together, finding the right gift of kink can benefit you both. Here are our top five gift ideas for all of the fetish lovers out there. You can contact us for more information on all of these gifts.



Sex and Mischief’s Studded Bow Tie CollarIf you are trying to add a lot of kink to bowtieyour relationship, this is a good gift to start with. For beginners in role playing or bondage, this is a great gift to start with. The bow tie is made out of vegan leather and has a D-ring attached to it, so you can attach a leash to treat your partner like the sex slave they are. It fits comfortably and is a great gift for the upcoming holidays.

Fantasy HarnessDoes your sub need to know who’s boss? With this harness, they will! harnessThis harness is the perfect gift for those who are just beginning to explore the world of bondage or those who have been enjoying it for years. It has a velcro collar that is easy to wrap around your partner’s neck and adjustable, velcro handcuffs as well. Your sub will enjoy a night of passion when wearing this harness.



 The Confession Holiday Gift SetThis is the perfect gift for couples who want to add a little more kink into their everyday lives. It includes a wireless, couple’s massager along with a personal moisturizer that the both of you can use. This will add a lot more spice to your life!


Door Jam KitAre you ready to tie your sub to the  door? With this gift, you will be able to tie your sub up in any room that has a door! These are easy to install cuffs that just go doorhingestraight onto the door. The straps are adjustable, made with velcro, and will not damage your doors.

Silicone Face GagThis is a gift for those who have been into bondage for quite awhile. If you are just trying it out, this is probably not the right gift for your partner unless they have already pointed it out to you. The Silicone Face Fucker Gag can be used as a gag for the face, a dildo, or an anal toy. It is safe for all parts of the body.


These toys have something to offer anyone. If you want to add some kink to your holidays, find the right one for you and your partner.