Stupid Internet and it's endless waterfall of free naked ladies … 

First, Playboy announced it was going non-nude, and the world wept. Now, the best source of nudie ladies for middle school boys in a pre-Internet era is canceling its print publication. Is nothing safe? What are we going to buy at sketchy gas stations, quietly asking the clerk to reach behind them and stuff a filthy magazine into a plastic bag? Horny teens of the future will never know the joy of finding where their older brother hid that tattered copy of Penthouse, opening up an entire universe of masturbatory possibility. It's a damn shame. 

Penthouse's parent company FriendFinder Networks said the change is necessary to “keep Penthouse competitive in the future.”

“Reimagined for the preferred consumption of content today by consumers, the digital version of Penthouse magazine will combine and convert everything readers know and love about the print magazine experience to the power of a digital experience,” said FriendFinder in The Wall Street Journal. “This will be a new way for its readers to experience the world’s best adult magazine.”

The changes include closing Penthouse’s print division in New York, and all operations will be based at the headquarters of the FriendFinder’s offices in Los Angeles.

FriendFinder Networks stated that the magazine has not turned a profit since 2008, and that's a pretty damn good reason to stop publishing it, we reckon. 

Penthouse was founded in 1965 by businessman Bob Guccione. In its heyday, Penthouse’s circulation routinely surpassed 5 million copies a month.

As a going-away present, their last model will be Christiana Cinn, world-famous porn star and Penthouse's last Pet of the Year. 

And they were charging $12 an issue? When the Internet totally has it for $0? Okay, we totally get it now. Anyway, here's one more photo of the final Pet just for fun. 

She seems nice. Not a bad way to go out …