Wouldn't necessarily say yes to that dress …

Sarah Louise Bryan was just your average British beautician living in poverty when she decided to make a dress out of Skittles.

Once she released it unto the World Wide Web, the crowd went wild over it. Her dress went viral, and she was able to make some cash from its sale. People really, really wanted to taste that rainbow.

But now, the 28-year-old is back at it with an even less conventional material for a whole new type of dress she hopes will lift her and her two sons out of poverty.

Ladies and gentlemen, say hello to the Pube Dress. It's for prom!

We'd say yes to that dress.

According to The Sun, Bryan solicited her trusty social media circle in search of pubes, asking for people to send her their pubic hair as the raw material for her next creation. Can you write that off as a charitable donation? Asking Jeeves …

As you can see from her finished creation, a lot— like really, a lot—of people donated their pubes to Bryan, yielding a muddy menagerie of colors and textures that give the dress, which also looks like it might be a bikini or a volcano, its deeply soulful flair. Perfect for the all-important slow dance, it offers zero breathability yet would be very warm if this hypothetical prom it's made for was held in Siberia.

Bryan spent six months collecting short-and-curlies, stashing the stock in her 13-year-old son’s bedroom. We’re sure he was stoked.

“I set to work with my eye mask, breathing mask and thickest gloves I could find, because who wants to eat pubic hair?” said Bryan. “I thought of the design because of how gross it is. I thought what would be the worst thing to have on your dress.”

But … why? Well:

“I decided to make another design following the Skittles dress, I wanted to beat Lady Gaga’s meat dress,” Bryan said. “I wanted to beat her at the title of most disgusting dress so with the help of asking for pubic hair on Twitter.”

Well, we all know what tops the beef: the stuff that actually tops the beef. Seems fitting.

Congratulations on the dress, girl. You successfully one upped Lady Gaga. We're just going to run to the bathroom and Lady Gag about it real quick.

Here's to hoping she makes some cash off of this pube beast, but also to deeply fearing what she thinks of next …