No matter what you think, their Photoshop skills are impressive … 

So the nerds over at 4chan decided to launch something called "Project Harpoon." They thought that by using their surprisingly good Photoshop skills to doctor up "after" photos of plus-sized folks, they could motivate those individuals to lose weight. Or really, really piss everyone off. Or just kill an afternoon. 

Here's a sample of their handiwork:

They even threw together a few images of celebrities while they were at it, including Melissa McCarthy, Rebel Wilson, and Meghan Trainor.

And so not to be rude, they even pulled their stunt on dudes:

And, as you could imagine, the Internet lost their mind. The creators claim that they're doing everyone a service by showing these people what they could look like, but everyone else thinks they're being complete asshats and that they have no business doing something like this. 

Of course, the Facebook page got pulled after the outrage, but that doesn't mean they won't pop up again sometime soon. 

So what's the verdict? Are they total buttholes, or doing these people a service?