Even though it won't ever admit to it, Snapchat is only around because it gave people the ability to send naked photos to one another with an added sense of security. It was once hailed as the go-to sexting app for people of all ages, and only until recently did it really break that mold — sort of. 

Piggybacking on the idea (albeit late to the game) is Pornhub, which just launched 'TrickPics' — or what it's calling the 'Snapchat for nudes.'

If this at all seems confusing, it's because it is. Maybe the following video released with Pornhub's launch will give you a better idea of what's going on.

Any better? Great, because the way it looks is this new app is just a Snapchat-type add-on to slap stickers where your dickers is to cover up revealing photos thereby making them appear more family friendly to social media accounts. 

Per the enclosed press release:

"Available for both iOS and Android devices, TrickPics requires users to take a picture via the app or select one from their phone’s image library. Users then adjust the image to a preferred size and select a graphic animation to place over the body part of their choosing.

• For pictures that include a penis, users can overlay it with filters like the “Trouser Snake,” ”Dick-In-A-Box,” “Dixelated,””Magnum,” “Hand Solo,” “Big Wig” and “D-Moji”.

• For pictures that include nipples, users can overlay it with the “Big Blimpin,” “Mile Highs,” “Bigguns,” and “Knock Knockers” filters.

• For pictures that include a vagina, users can overlay it with the “Instaclam,” “Lockdown,” “Midnight Snack,” and “My Precious” filters."

You can basically do the same thing on Snapchat by adding stickers to important parts of a photo, but it appears Pornhub's version is going to be more sex-forward with funny puns and suggestive imagery to go along with it. 

Either way, it's goofy, it's all goofy. But here are some examples in case that's the only reason you clicked on the page to begin with.