Stuck gripping the edge of the bed. Tingling in my skin with every touch. Sinking into a state of elevation. …

This is how people described it when we asked them to tell us what sex is like while stoned:

“Being high while doing anything is better — food, sex, nature. Everything is heightened when you’re high. So, I’m definitely more sensitive during sex while high.”
-Nicole, 22, lesbian

“Being high makes the inside of a woman’s vagina feel 100 times better or even more welcoming, maybe, because my dick is more sensitive. Also, I feel like women get wetter when they are high.”
-Richard, 24, heterosexual

“When I'm high, I've found that my senses are more heightened. When I'm high, I enjoy the sensation of rubbing my hands up and down my thighs. So, when I'm high during sex the sensation of someone else touching me (that I'm comfortable with) feels like that times a million. Also, when I'm high with people I trust, I'm more vulnerable, and, therefore, more able to orgasm.”
-Marissa, 21, heterosexual

“My two favorite things are sex and weed, so of course doing them together is amazing. When I smoke with someone, it’s already a bonding experience so having sex with them on top of that just makes me feel even closer to them. Additionally, the high feeling does enhance my senses making it feel different, but in a good way. I have not noticed a correlation between high sex and orgasming quicker, but I have noticed that I don’t put in as much work during high sex.”
-Jonathan, 22, gay

“Weed heightens your senses. Just like why food tastes better, sex just feels better because everything is more sensitive, and I definitely have a higher chance of having an orgasm when I’m stoned. Last time I had sex high, I basically came in one stroke.”
-Nikki, 21, heterosexual

“Smoking marijuana before sex definitely gives you a heightened sense of intimacy with your partner and allows you to reach new and different climaxes you didn’t experience while sober.”
-Juan, 23, heterosexual

“I feel like it increases sensations and also relieves tensions, so it makes sex feel more relaxed and sensual, and I feel like the orgasm is more intense.”
-Rebecca, 21, heterosexual

“As a consumer, I am way more aware of all the physical sensations that I'm feeling. It's not so much as it makes you feel more necessarily, but it definitely makes you more conscious of all the sensation one is experiencing.”
-Liam, 20, heterosexual

Most who responded clearly had similar things to say, such as their sensitivity and orgasms are greatly intensified while under the influence.

The answer to why this happens is easy, dopamine levels are temporarily increased when smoking weed. Dopamine is considered the “feel good” chemical, as it gives off rewarding and pleasurable sensations. Also, the CB1 receptor — a part of the brain activated when smoking weed — enhances the physical part of the body high. A type of one-two punch for the senses.

So, as Marissa said, a simple act such as thigh rubbing can easily be intensified on weed. Yet there are other benefits, too; the quicker someone is turned on, the quicker they get off, which can also help relationships as people get older or experience a loss of sex drive, as one of our respondents said.

Lynne has been married for more than 20 years, and is going through menopause. She admits her sex drive has decreased over time because of age, her health, and the amount of time she’s been with her partner — however weed was helped exponentially in getting it all back.

“Many times, women that are going through menopause have no sexual drive, and when you smoke weed, it gives you drive. It takes down your inhibitions, it gets you in the mood, and for some reason, it’s easier for me to climax. It relaxes you, and you can feel things better.”
-Lynne, 50, heterosexual

Yet although weed makes many individuals, especially women, acquainted with better orgasms, some simply find it’s harder to focus during sex after consuming.

“If you’re really high, it’s hard to get hard. It’s all about focus.”
-Khaleel, 24, heterosexual

“When I have sex high, everything seems way too slow.”
-Maria, 20, heterosexual

“When I'm too stoned, I get distracted and lose some sex drive, honestly.”
-Connor, 22, heterosexual

“I actually don't have sex while I'm high too much. It sounds kind of weird, but I like being more focused. I feel like I'd get into it more when I'm not high.”
-Omar, 21, heterosexual

Because of its chemical origins, weed often has the type of calming effect Omar spoke of. This facet might be too calm to partake in such an exciting activity. One particular solution for this is dose control.

Try not to smoke too much before getting down. If you or your partner ever choose to elevate the experience to reach a more in-depth climax, know when to say “when” — just like when the waiter at the restaurant pours too much parmesan cheese on your pasta entrée or that unhinged friend pours a large handful of vodka in your mixed drink at the party.

Regardless, the stories are out there. Plenty agree the practice of stoned sex has attractive qualities. Maybe it's time to take up a new hobby?