Missionary is great and all (no it isn’t), but some people need a something a little kinkier to getoff. That’s why we created this handy dandy quiz to uncover your inner kink so you’ll never go to bed bored again.

Missionary is great and all (no it isn’t), but some people need a something a little kinkier to getoff. That’s why we created this handy dandy quiz to uncover your inner kink so you’ll never go to bed bored again. Alright kids, let's dive in…

The first thing you notice about a potential partner is…

a. Personality.

b. Whether or not he/she can see me.

c. What he’s/she’s wearing or standing by.

d. How much skin is showing.

e. A particular body part like lips or feet.

f. What celebrities or historical figures he/she looks like.

You’re most aroused by…

a. Control, submission or humiliation.

b. Watching other people.

c. A particular fabric or inanimate object.

d. Being vulnerable in public.

e. The human body.

f. Scenes and situations you’ve rehearsed in your head.

What’s your ideal job?

a. CEO

b. Spy

c. Antique dealer or pawn shop owner

d. Model or artist

e. Massage therapist

f. actor

Your best trait is…

a. You’re intelligent and know what you want in life.

b. You’re perceptive and visual.

c. You’re loving and affectionate.

d. You’re confident and outgoing.

e. You’re detail-oriented and precise.

f. You’re creative and fluid.

How do you feel about talking dirty?

a. Great; it really gets you in the mood.

b. You might say some dirty stuff to yourself in your head, but not out loud.

c. You prefer sweet nothings and pillow talk.

d. It depends who’s listening.

e. You like it depending on the context.

f. You’re into it, especially when you’ve rehearsed what you’re going to say beforehand.

What’s your favorite position?

a. Tied to the bedposts.

b. It doesn’t matter, you’re just here to watch.

c. Side-by-side or missionary.

d. Standing up.

e. Any one where you can see what’s going on.

f. Doggy-style.

To you, a little pain during sex can be…

a. Incredible and orgasm-enhancing.

b. Gratifying.

c. Unnecessary.

d. Unpleasant, you’re more into pleasure.

e. FIne as long as there’s more pleasure than pain.

f. depends on the context.

Sex in public is…

a. A fantasy of yours.

b. Fine for other people, but it’s not really your thing.

c. Weird. You prefer privacy.

d. Only the greatest thing on this planet.

e. Something you’d like to try one day.

f. I don’t know about sex, but I’d like other people to see us together before the sex.

What do you need in order get aroused?

a. To feel like you’re either in control or have no control.

b. To see other people having sex.

c. To touch or see a particular texture or object.

d. An audience.

e. To see or touch a certain body part.

f. Just imagining a scenario like teacher-student or doctor-patient does it for you.

When I was a kid…

a. I was highly intelligent and mature for my age.

b. I was bullied or excluded and didn’t have many friends.

c. I had a particular toy or blanket that made me feel better.

d. I was outgoing and social, but didn’t get a lot of attention from my parents.

e. I was really close to my parents and spent a lot of time with them.

f. I was imaginative and free-spirited.

How do you feel about vulnerability during sex?

a. It’s essential; sex isn’t the same without it.

b. You prefer when someone else is the vulnerable one.

c. You’re not into it; you prefer confidence and security.

d. You love making yourself and others a little uncomfortable .

e. Indifferent.

f. There’s a time and place for it.

In social situations, you tend to…

a. Mand control others; you run the game.

b. Be quiet and reserved.

c. Just be yourself; you’re relaxed and secure around other people.

d. Take risks with people and be adventurous.

e. talk about yourself a lot .

f. Try on as many different personalities as you can.

Porn is…

a. Not really interesting to you.

b. Amazing; you love to watch.

c. Fine, but you prefer real connections.

d. You have one or two very specific types of porn you like, but that’s it.

e.One of your favorite things; you love nudity.

f. Fine when it has a storyline.

How giving are you?

a. Very; you’ll do anything your partner asks.

b. Hardly; there’s not much exchange going on in your sex life.

c. You can be giving, but you expect something in return.

d. Not very; you’re pretty focused on your own pleasure.

e. You like to shower your partner with attention, but you have limits about your own pleasure.

f. You prefer receiving, but you’ll play any role once.

Your biggest fantasy is…

a. Being tied up and spanked or whipped.

b. Watching other people have sex from a distance.

c. Being covered in a fabric or object.

d. Having sex on a stage in front of an audience.

e. A person with the most perfect feet/hair/lips in the world.

f. You’re a student who’s failing, and you have to go to your hot teacher’s office for a lesson.

Sex clubs. How do you feel about them?

a. So-so. You’d go to one, but only if you could control what was going on.

b. You’d totally go to one, but you wouldn’t want to have sex with anyone.

c. Totally not your thing.

d. You’ve been to three already this week.

e. You’re not opposed to the idea, but you’ve never been.

f. You’ve been once or twice, but it’s not your favorite thing.

What’s one thing you’ve always wanted to try?

a. Masks and crazy toys.

b. Webcams.

c. Having sex with an inanimate object.

d. Group sex.

e. Foot sex.

f. Pretending you and your partner are completely different people, then going at it.

Mostly A’s: BDSM

Bondage, discipline, domination, submission, sadism, masochism are all part of this kink. You’re into power, dominance, humiliation and maybe even a little pain. Having control or giving it up is a big part of your fantasies. Sex is deeply psychological for you, awakening long-repressed memories or desires, and helping you work through emotional conflicts. Let’s just say you wouldn’t mind being kept in a sex dungeon for a few days with nothing but carrots to eat.

You should try: Tying your partner up and lightly whipping him/her with a leather riding crop, for starters.

Mostly B’s: Voyeurism

You like to watch. Being part of a sex act without being physically present is exciting to you. You might be into porn, webcams, peep holes or watching your partner have sex with someone else. You’re aroused by the fact that people don’t know you’re watching them, and while your kinks involve watching other people, you don’t necessarily need physical contact with another person to get off; you’re perfectly capable of doing it your own. You probably own a spy kit.

You should try: Going to a peep show or getting a subscription to a webcam site.

Mostly C’s: Objectophilia

There’s a certain inanimate object that catches your fancy. Whether it’s shoes, cars, dolls or furniture, you have a pronounced romantic desire for that object. Objectophiles usually form an intense, emotionally complex relationship with the object of their desire, and they need it to be present get off. Also part of this kink are medium fetishes, which include attraction to fabrics and materials such as leather, fur, latex or silk. If you could spend all day in a latex bodysuit fondling a light bulb, you would be the happiest camper of all.

You should try: Lubing up the exhaust pipe before you put your dick in there.

Mostly D’s: Exhibitionism

You’re into putting on a show. The idea of people watching you have sex is arousing as all hell to you, and to you, intimacy is shared between many people. Exhibitionists can also be into “flashing,” or showing parts of their bodies to the public that aren’t normally shown. Hello, penis! You crave gratification by engaging in risky public sexual activity, and the threat of being caught heightens your excitement. You might like to stealthily have sex in public places such as libraries or concerts, or you might just flat-out flash people, masturbate or have sex so everyone can see.

You should try: Having sex at a movie theater in the back row, but don’t get caught, or we’ll ground you.

Mostly E’s: Partialism

You’re really into a particular body part. Although attraction to feet is the most common manifestation of partialism, you may also feel a strong attraction to lips, hair, necks, butts or another body part. You worship that part and put it on a pedestal. Want some good news? This is the most common kink out there, so there are a lot of people you can experiment with and talk to about how badly you want to lick people’s elbows.

You should try: Foot sex, but for the love of all that is holy, cut your toenails first.

Mostly F’s: Role Play

You’re aroused by embodying people or situations that don’t necessarily exist in your real life. You’re into costumes, dialog that’s appropriate for the situation, and acting out your fantasies as if they were really happening to you. You might be into teacher-student, master-slave, doctor-patient, executive-secretary or plumber-housewife dynamics. Whatever role you’re playing, it’s usually not yourself, and you get off on being someone else and the fact that your partner can be many different people through role play.

You should try: Being Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. Doesn’t that sound sensual?