Religion is rife with hypocrisy. But absurd contradictions surround one subject more than most:


There are the Catholics, who want to remain “pure” in the eyes of God — so they have butt sex to preserve their virginities until marriage. There are the Jehovah’s witnesses, who preach righteousness — yet their “Two Witness Rule” protects sexual predators. There are Mormon bishops, who believe in the sanctity of marriage — but turn to a sex worker when their wife won’t put out.

Now, adding to the endless list of hypocrisies are Nevada Evangelicals, who now back Dennis Hof, a political candidate who stands against everything the church believes in.

Dennis Hof owns 5 legal brothels in Nevada. He was the star of HBO’s Cathouse: The Series. He wrote the book “The Art of the Pimp” about his rise to the top of America’s sex industry.

Then his brothels, the basis of his fortune and success, came under attack.

“What they’re trying to do is ruin Nevada,” Hof recently told Rooster Magazine. “Nevada is run on the freedom to gamble, to carry a gun, to drink 24 hours a day, to smoke weed, to visit a brothel. They’re trying to shut down the brothel industry that infuses $10 milion into the economy.”

Crusaders argued that Hof’s sex workers would never choose a career of providing sexual services. Specialties like the Girlfriend Experience and the Porn Star Experience reel in thousands of dollars every hour, but nope, it’s not the incredible income keeping women in brothels. It’s human trafficking and violent pimps.

To protect his at-risk brothels, Hof ran for office. He’d tried politics once before, and failed. The second time around, Hof used Trump as his model, and boy, what a difference it made.

Hof won the Republican primaries this month, thanks to support from Christian Evangelicals in his district, Reuters reports. The news agency spoke with several Evangelicals about what makes Hof an appealing candidate. To vote him in, members of the community neglected a number of inconsistencies with their strict moral code.

For example, Evangelicals compare prostitution with slavery, but were perfectly happy to overlook Hof’s role as the state’s biggest brothel keeper. His fortune in the flesh trade is a good thing, they argue, because Hof is a wealthy man who can’t be bought, can’t be corrupted, and will keep his campaign promises.

Evangelicals were also happy to overlook accusations against Hof of sexual abuse. At least two women have come forward publicly, including one of his former sex workers, who claims he choked and raped her several years ago. However, charges were never brought against Hof because the statute of limitations ran out.

The 71-year-old man poo-poos these allegations every time they’re mentioned.

“I’m around 540 girls in a very sexually charged environment at all times,” Hof told the New York Times. “Sex is not a problem for me, and I would never be involved in anything like that.”

The Evangelical voters also dismissed these allegations as lies.

Their endorsement of Hof has precedent — they overwhelmingly supported President Trump despite accusations of sexual misconduct and extramarital affairs.

When it comes to sex, the religious have always performed mental gymnastics to make sense of their contrasting behavior and moral standards. But these voters, who joined the campaign to ban Hof's brothels and simultaneously backed him in the election, are beginning to make themselves look ridiculous.

Hof is favored to win the deep-red district in November.