This is exactly what we'd expect from a country in a recession.

What more can you expect from a country that’s in a recession? We can’t read the captions on any of the photos, but we can tell from them that the rich kids in Russia don’t seem to grasp what it means to ball out.

While we were looking for crab buffets on the private jet or Dom Perignon showers in the penthouse hot tub, we instead were overwhelmed with pictures of German SUVs and expensive champagne — although the half naked girl on her dad’s boat is quite comical. Our favorite by far is the photo of the kids posing with their expensive watches and myriad credit cards. We’re not financial advisors, but when you're rich, don’t you have an unlimited credit card spending limit, therefore you don’t need multiple credit cards? Seems cumbersome to have multiple cards if you ask us. But we digress.

You take a look for yourself: