For the past several years, Rooster Magazine has asked our readers what their private lives are really like. And each year, hundreds of you respond in ways we couldn’t make up if we tried. To those who took it, thank you. To those who didn’t…you’re gonna love this.

How many partners have you had in your lifetime?
1-3:   13%
4-10:   26%
10-20:   20%
20-40:   23%
41+:   15%

How often do you have sex?
Weekly – 46%
Monthly – 19%
Daily – 14%
Few times a year – 11%
Multiple times a day – 4%

The most common reasons you say “no” to sex:
“Too tired”

“Not in the mood”


The most common reasons people say “yes” to sex:

“Don’t need a reason”

“Because it’s sex”

(One person simply “wanted to see if the hernia is healed.”)

Ladies, do you want kids?
Yes – 47%
No – 27%
Maybe/Unsure – 26%

Guys, do you want kids?
Yes – 56%
No – 20%
Maybe/Unsure – 24%

If yes, why?
“Gotta put non-garbage humans on the planet.”

“Carry on my genetic excellence.”

“With the right person marriage and kids could be a great partnership and a way to make the future a better place through raising children the right way.

“Because this stallion needs to reproduce”

If no, why?
“Kids are expensive and gross I’d rather go on vacations.”

“The world is a terrible place.”

“They ruin lives and are annoying and gross. Oh, and they are expensive as fuck. And I don’t like sharing, especially my food.”

“I don’t think you need to be legally bound to someone to show you love them. Kids?! Nah, my cat is enough of a handful.”

Least favorite one-night stand story?
“She was demanding I ‘give her a baby’ and wanted unprotected sex. When I refused she became angry and violent. I had to force my way out of her house and she followed me to my car still naked.”

“I went down on a lady, then noticed she had a bunch of cats and left without finishing.”

“Fucked an Olympian. America for the win.”

“He tried to kick my cat. I kicked him out of my house into the snow, naked, and threw his clothes out afterwards. My cat lives here, you asshole. You don’t.”

What sorts of casual sex are you currently involved in?
Fuck Buddies – 41%
None or N/A – 39%
One-nighters – 14%
Other – 6%

Top traits of a good fuck buddy:
Good in bed – 83%
Being hot – 42%
Honesty/Not Clingy – tied, 39%

Hottest trait a potential lay can have:
Being attractive – 34%
Confidence – 30%
Funny – 16%
Smart – 12%

(Thankfully, not one person chose “lots of social media followers” as an attractive trait.)

56.2 percent of people “don’t know, don’t care” about how many past sexual partners people have had.

Do you check someone’s phone when they’re not around?
"Never. Ain’t nobody got time for that" – 64%
"Sometimes, if it’s unlocked" – 18%
"Sometimes, I know the code" – 14%

(2 of you “share a phone, because we’re that couple” — gross)

More than half of guys have met sexual hookups on dating apps like Tinder, while 61.1 percent of women say they never have.

What counts as cheating?

-Top 3-

Intercourse with someone who’s definitely not you – 94%
Making out with someone who’s definitely not you – 88%
“But I was drunk it didn’t mean anything” – 80%

-Bottom 3-

Porn – 4%
Masturbation – 3%
Looking at celebrity nudes – 2%

(Flirting seems to be okay for 3 out of 4 people)

1 in 4 people say they never Internet stalk before meeting someone in person; everyone else, it’s either “some” or what many call “average.”

Even though they’re the most common form of birth control people use, 62% of people “hate condoms” — most say because the feeling is lost with them on. (Pull-out method and the pill were the next two most common.)

What does “consent” mean to you?

“Unambiguous yes by someone who is sober enough to give consent.”
“Anything other than an enthusiastic yes is a no.”
“Not being a fuck head.”

Are you afraid people will think less of you if you have too much sex?
Yes – 11%
No – 27%
"Fuck ‘em" – 62%

71 percent of people want more kink/fantasy in their lives.

46 percent of people in relationships “sometimes” fantasize about other people when they’re with their partners (36.1 percent say “never,” 13 percent say “often”).

71 percent of people have included something they saw in porn into their own sex lives — anal, toys and certain positions being the most common.

Top 5 “most wanted” kinks people want more of:

1. Toys 
2. Talking Dirty
3. Role Play
4. Anal
5. Public Sex or Parties

What’s the most common/arousing fantasies you have?

“In a high rise hotel with floor to ceiling windows. Having sex against the window at night.”
“Group sex with all of my exes in a public place, all there to satisfy me!”
“Participating in all girl group sex while my partner watches, attending an all girl curious party, eating pizza.”

What’s the best sex you’ve ever had?

“I missed you sex and I shouldn’t do this sex.”
“On mushrooms, it’s like you’re getting dicked in the soul, but like in a really beautiful way.”
“On Adderall probably.”

What’s the worst sex you’ve ever had?

“College dorm, girl kept slapping me.”
“Every drunk man sucks at sex. Period.”
“On cocaine, with a girl I didn’t think was that attractive to get back at my then-ex (she had a crush on her), although I doubt she even knows about it. Good news, is I’m back with that person and we’re finally exploring her interest in women. High five.”

On a scale of 1-10, ladies claim to watch substantially less porn than their male counterparts.
Most (66 percent) chose a number under 5, while dudes (82 percent) chose more than 5.
The average guy rated themselves a 7, while the majority of women chose 1.

Do you like receiving nudes?

– Ladies –

Hell yeah, unlimited data – 19%
Hell no, I’m not about that life – 21%
Depends on who it’s from – 60%

– Dudes –

Hell yeah, unlimited data – 67%
Hell no, I’m not about that life – 5%
Depends on who it’s from – 28%

Top 5 intoxicants used during sex:

1. Alcohol – 97%
2. Weed – 74%
3. Cocaine/crack – 37%
4. MDMA/molly – 31%
5. LSD/Mushrooms – 29%

What makes good sex good?

“Being in love with your partner."

“Connection. And being with someone who enjoys giving pleasure as much as receiving it. Also … fucking ask your partner what they like.”

“Communication, imagination, flagellation.”

When given a choice, 38% of people overwhelmingly chose being “mean/rude” as the one thing that turns them off the most. Being stupid, insecure and emotionally dead inside closely followed.

percent of male and female singles that have “fuck buddies.” 39% are having “no casual sex at all,” and 15% of you saucy sluts simply stick with one-nighters.

percent of our readers are open to open relationships, some saying it just “depends on who it’s with.” 

percent of ladies that have been sexually assaulted, compared to 21% of guys. More telling, a high majority of all respondents (75%) know someone who has been assaulted other than themselves.

percent of respondents that want to get married. The others chose a hard “no” or are just unsure right now.

percent of ladies who say they’ve been ghosted; 55% of dudes say the same thing

percent of both women and men report not having ever had a threesome or group sex.

percent of people who chose a number over 5 on the “how kinky are you?” scale — 7 and 8 were the most popular choices.

[Based on an online, anonymous survey posted from January 5-15, 2018. Respondents ranged in age 17-73 (most between 21-30) — thanks grandma — with a large majority having "some college education or higher" — 57% identified as male, 43% female.]