Want sexual enlightenment, but only have time for a quickie? Every week, we recap the most interesting sex headlines from around the world.

1. Hooking up is getting easier to do in Saudi Arabia, NPR reports. Women have more mobility as the country begins issuing driver’s licenses to women for the first time in decades. Now, more men and women are meeting openly in public. The nation now allows movies, music and theater, which it once outlawed. Blossoming dating and hook-up cultures are the latest signs of social change in the deeply conservative country.

2. Miss America eliminates the swimsuit competition, as the beauty pageant tries to redefine its role in an era of female empowerment and gender equality.

3. The California judge in the Brock Turner sexual assault case is removed from office. Judge Aaron Persky evoked national outrage after sentencing Stanford freshman Brock Turner to only six months in jail for sexually assaulting a drunk, passed-out woman behind a dumpster. After 59 percent of Santa Clara citizens voted in favor of his removal, Persky became the first California judge in 86 years to be recalled.

4. FaceGym, the world’s first gym for your face, is finally here. As unrealistic beauty standards more often crush women’s sense of self-worth, ridiculous companies like FaceGym are able to thrive. The gym promises to “tone, tighten, and sculpt the face,” with the help of a “trainer,” who performs face exercises such as “knuckling, faceballing, high-speed hand whipping, flicking and pinching.”

5. Attempts to suppress sexual thoughts and fantasies only results in an increase in those thoughts, new research finds. The study compared religious teens with non-religious teens, and found that God-fearing youngsters reported greater preoccupation with unwanted sexual thoughts and fantasies than their nonreligious counterparts.

6. This week, the Supreme Court ruled in favor of the Colorado baker who refused to bake a wedding cake for a gay couple because of religious objections. Despite the ruling, SCOTUS still failed to answer the deeper question in this case: when does a sincere religious belief justify discrimination, and when doesn’t it?

7. On the exact same day, the Supreme Court invalidated a lower court’s decision to let an illegal immigrant teenager get an abortion while in federal custody. This means there is no precedent set for future detainees who want an abortion. Again, the court failed to answer the larger question at stake: does an undocumented immigrant have the same right to an abortion as an American citizen?

8. Many women with early-stage breast cancer do not need chemotherapy, a major international study finds. The new research is expected to alter medical treatment immediately.

9. A Chicago Tribune report reveals that over a decade, police have investigated more than 520 cases of sexual abuse and rape of Chicago Public School students. The adults involved included award-winning teachers, lunchroom aides, counselors and coaches, security officers and two deans.

10. Bill Clinton appeared exasperated, frustrated and furious on the Today show this Monday when he was presented with #MeToo questions and questions regarding Monica Lewinsky. He claimed credit for empowering women in his orbit and insisted he does not owe Monica Lewinsky a private apology.