In today's ultra-tech world of techy tracking, no realm is safe. Time to review the line graph of your sexual G-forces. 

You can't improve something if you don't keep track of it, right? If you plot out how many king-size bags of Skittles you pound during your 8-hour workday, you'll be able to chart and modify your behavior, one day changing yourself from a rainbow nightmare to a chiseled Adonis. 

The same principle applies to sweet, sweet love-makin'. Without graphs and charts, you'll never be any better at laying pipe. Or at least that's what the folks at Lovely thought, and then decided to do something about it. They're crowdfunding through IndieGoGo, asking for $95,000 to make their sex-stat dreams a reality. At press time, they're about a quarter of the way. 

Being way better at sexing is easy:

Simple right? It does assume that you can find someone to have sex with in the first place, which is the only flaw.

But as soon as you find them and need hard data, you're in luck. You can make pie charts out of just about every aspect of the no-pants dance:

Top speed? G-forces? We've always likened our junk to a Blue Angels fighter jet, but now we'll have the numbers to back it up. As soon as we have sex, of course. 

We only ask that you can post your sessions to Facebook and other social media sites so others can "like" them and comment on them.