I think I may have had an underboob orgasm?

Think of the humble boob. The female kind. It's a good, solid body part.

There's the top half, a nipple and the bottom half, also know to many as the "underboob." It's a simple layout with a not-so-simple operating manual.

In this schematic, the nipple gets all the love. Firmly considered to be an erogenous by every book and internet known to man, it's the reason why 29 percent of women can orgasm from nipple stimulation alone. It gets pinched, rolled, liked, pulled, clamped, caressed and sucked all the live long day. Total attention hog.

Meanwhile, the top boob is less adored, but at least it gets to see the light of day as cleavage.

The underboob, however, gets the short end of the stick. It's only appropriately flashed during Terry Richardson photo shoots or on the chest of a starlet making a statement. And in a sexual setting? It's often ignored. Sure, it gets a fondle now and then, but never is it the focus.

That being said, get this.

I was laying in bed with my boyfriend last night.

"What feels better to you, the top half or the bottom half of your boob?" he asked.

I thought about it, then resolutely: "The bottom." The top half feels more like pectoral muscle than it does feminine fat bag to me.

The bottom, on the other hand, is sensitive and soft and squishy. Feels more like a boob, if I may be so honest.

Flash forward a minute or two, and we're hooking up. I thought we'd forgotten about the prior boob conversation, but lo and behold, he starts licking my underboob.

Gently, and swirling, kinda in the same way as one would eat a pussy. Around the lower portion and the lower sides. There was some nipple shit going on, but it was auxiliary to the underboob.

At first, I was like, " … the fuck are you doing," but I stayed with it for a second. Then … holy GOD DAMN JESUS CHRIST AND MARY AND FUCKING WHOEVER ELSE WAS ALIVE BACK THEN.

I practically fucking died. In a good way, you guys.

It was such an odd, new sensation. It felt ticklish, if tickling was wet and felt AMAZING. And because it felt vaguely ticklish, I immediately felt vulnerable in a hot way. Does that make sense? I kind of had to squirm around with him on top of me because I literally couldn't control my body. At one point I even sat up all fast like in that Pulp Fiction scene, which honestly surprised me, but the surprise was exciting and weird.

The best part? I felt it in my entire vagina. It was like somebody was remote-eating me out through my boobs.

I mean seriously, what the fuck?

Because my underboobs were the center of attention for the first time in my whole life, they were more sensitive than I'd ever imagined … or rather, never imagined since I've never even thought about my underboobs … and the stimulation was overpowering and just … just … wow.

So, yeah … underboob stuff. Try it.