After years of morning-after regret, we can seek solace in knowing that it’s not our fault …

For the most part, we all have a type, and when said type is in the crosshairs, we become pretty locked-in on the carnal desire to bump uglies. But sometimes, when we finally make it back to the apartment with that stranger, we make the awful discovery that the trusty condom jar is empty. Gasp!

All basic logic tells us: “No fucking way,” but minutes later, we inevitably succumb to the gamble — come what may — as we lube up with the dregs of that stale whiskey and coke. Because, according to a new study, being turned on turns you into a complete idiot.

But, hark! Good news: this display of sheer human dumbness isn't so much of a personal fault as it is an unfortunate side effect of how arousal influences our decision making.

“Sexual arousal can give people ‘tunnel vision,’ much in the same way that being hungry or thirsty does — causing them to think only of satisfying their need for gratification,” says Tech Insider.

That’s a really nice way of saying you’re stupid when you’re horny.

Well … yeah! That pretty much explains those 14 drunk texts to your ex last night begging them to come over because you drank too much kombucha and it did something to you downstairs.

The study, published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior, was a two part experiment, each involving 130 college-age students. In one experiment, subjects were shown short scenes from porn movies (the hyperlink in the report notes the x-rated Under the Covers featuring starlet, Lisa Ann) and were also shown general, non-sexual video clips (i.e. scenes from WALL-E).

After seeing the short clips, individuals answered questions about their level of arousal, and whether they would engage in risky sexual behavior such as having unprotected sex. In the second portion of the study, participants were shown the same clips as the other group, they were also questioned on their level of arousal and then played several hands of Blackjack.

When the individuals were more aroused, both men and women alike were more likely to admit they would engage in potentially precarious behavior and also more likely to make a riskier bets. Well! This certainly explains why you had sex with your fiancé's best friend on your wedding night and now her child's eyes mysteriously resemble yours.

Life is one big Blackjack table and we’re just trying to fuck on it.