James Deen quite literally busted onto the porn scene in 2004 and proceeded to take over immediately. At 22, the guy became the industry's youngest professional to win Adult Video News’ prestigious Male Performer of the Year Award and has since become one of the most awarded and most masturbated-to porn stars of all time, as well as a producer, director and owner his own production company (read more)

James Deen quite literally busted onto the porn scene in 2004 and proceeded to take over immediately. At 22, the guy became the industry's youngest professional to win Adult Video News’ prestigious Male Performer of the Year Award and has since become one of the most awarded and most masturbated-to porn stars of all time, as well as a producer, director and owner his own production company, James Deen Productions (NSFW, obviously).

Naturally, we thought it was high time to shoot the shit with the man of the hour and get to the bottom of porn’s most adored man.

You won an EXXXOTIC award for things your dick did. What's it like when your dick wins an award, but the rest of your body gets left in the dust?

Well, I feel like since my dick is attached to the rest of my body, we have the privilege of sharing that very special award. I am my dick, so I feel as if I take part in its accomplishments.

What's the deal with you and clowns? You keep saying that's the one thing you won't do in porn.

They're just fucking creepy and disgusting. When I was a kid, I was so scared of them that it got to the point where my parents would have to call ahead to birthday parties and see if there were going to be clowns there, and if there was, I couldn't go. I don't know where it comes from, but fuck, I hate clowns.

What's your real name? Did you change your name because you were convicted of a steamy crime of passion?

It's Bryan Sevilla, and no. It's weird though. When I got into the porn industry, they told me I had to have a stage name, which I thought was so fucking strange because if you see me on the street and you know me, it's not going to matter whether I have a made up name or not. You still know me, and you still saw my dick. James Deen was a nickname I had in middle school.

Do you have any standards?

I like to think so. I can't stand women that are arrogant or use arrogance as a facade for confidence. Physically, I'm down for pretty much anything. I really love intelligence and actual confidence though. Girls that can carry on an in-depth conversation are really sexy to me.

If you were a slushy, tropical drink with a little umbrella sticking out of it, what would you be?

Either a penis colada or a dickquiri.

What's the best song to have sex to? Why have you never fucked to “The Final Countdown” by Europe? Is it a licensing issue, or are you just scared?

I don't really have sex to music all that often. When I'm fucking, I kind of tune out and focus on the fucking, so I'm never really sure what music is playing. It's funny you mention that song though, because when I'm cutting footage we always joke around and say we should edit the scene to it. But there's all kinds of rights issues and all that bullshit. Usually we end up with something that goes “bow-chicka bow-wow, yeaaah.”

You've said you wanted to be in porn since you were in kindergarten. What advice do you have for other kindergarteners who want to get into the porn business?

The same advice I'd give to a 40-year-old. Do your research. Is this really something you want to do? Do you want a job as a teacher or a politician someday? Do you want to have children? Because if you want to do porn, I can almost guarantee it's going to come back and haunt you if you're in one of those fields. Make sure you familiarize yourself with the processes of the industry.

When I was in third grade, we had to go around the class and say what we wanted to be when we grew up. I raised my hand and said “porn star,” and immediately got suspended … which is funny because my third grade teacher actually contacted me a few years back and said, “I remember you. You weren't lying.” But I knew I was never going have a career where shooting porn would tarnish my image or infringe on my ability to work with certain groups of people. From a young age, I prepared myself for that.

Do you talk to your parents about your job? What's it like at family reunions?

They've known I wanted to do this since I was a kid, so by this point, they're used to it. I have a really good relationship with my parents. Family reunions are weird, but I'm not embarrassed. Every family has its own stuff.

Why are you famous?

Fuck, I'm still wondering that myself. I'm the luckiest person alive, really.

We read it was because you’re attractive and make out with chicks.

I love kissing. And thank you.

God, you’re mysterious.


What's one thing you would give up sex for?

… Nothing. Sex is a basic human function, like breathing and water. You need it to survive, so you can't really give something like that up. I guess I'd say I'd rather die than give it up. I can't name anything I'd rather have.

You have an option on your site for anyone to have sex with you. What's the deal with that? What's the best and worst experience doing this?

That's what it is in essence, but it's nowhere near that simple. There's a really regulated elimination process that I'm not even involved in until we narrow down around 500 girls to around five. Who gets picked to do a scene with me has everything to do with where I am in the world and when, their STD test results, and their understanding that the scene will be filmed and sold on my site. It's not a private “come-over-and-bang-me” type of thing, it's entirely public, and we both profit from it. Once we narrow it down, I step in. At that point, I call them, and we figure out exactly what they want to happen. It's all about them, and fulfilling their fantasies. One time, a girl wanted to fuck me and another male porn star, so I called him up, booked him, and we both went over to her house and banged her.

But every step of the way, I'm there to assure the girl that what happens is entirely her choice. There was another situation where a girl booked me to come bang her, and we had all kinds of crazy sex on camera, but afterward, she wasn't sure if she wanted to sell the scene. So I sat on it for like two years. I even had her edit it with me to make sure she was comfortable with the end product, and I waited until she was finally sure she wanted it out there. I'm actually a really moral person, and I make sure the amateur scenes we film are in no way a violation of someone's privacy or rights.

There's not really a best or worst experience with my amateur stuff, because every situation is so case-by-case. I've really enjoyed doing all those scenes, because it's kind of making the girl's fantasy come alive. I'm into that.

Speaking of amateurs, we recently reviewed your film with “Teen Mom” star Farrah Abraham and called your use of dialog “cinematic gold.” (You asked her if she "knew how buttons work"). Do you think of things to say beforehand, or is everything that comes out of our mouth just a whisper of genius?

Sometimes I'll think of it beforehand, but most of the time I'm just in the moment and shit comes out of my mouth and boom; it's on film. Shooting with Farrah was great though.

Your Twitter and blog are hilarious. What do you think makes something funny?

I don't really know; I just go off of what I think is funny. I figure if it makes me laugh, it's going to make other people with the same sense of humor laugh.

How do you feel about condoms in porn?

Condoms, on their own, are great. I completely support condoms as a prophylactic in the general population. However, condom laws, like AB 1576, are a violation of your rights as an American. Under the First Amendment, you're given free range to practice your art how you see fit. With these new regulations, they're basically telling you that you can't create things in the way that you want to. Who is the government to tell you how to practice an art?

From an industry standard, it makes no sense. What if I'm shooting a period piece? Would Julius Caeser be wearing a condom? What if I'm shooting something where a wife and a husband are trying to get pregnant, but the husband is shooting blanks, so she has to have sex with his friends to have a baby? It makes no sense from an art direction perspective to wear a condom in that context. It takes you out of the scene. Plus, condoms are constantly ripping because we have big cocks, and we're using them roughly, so it defeats the purpose.

People know what they're getting into when they walk onto a porn set. Before anything happens, every model signs a model contract that tells them they have a right to use a condom if they want to, and that there is a risk of acquiring an STD as well as other workplace injuries. The model contract makes it very clear that there are risks involved, so every person has the option to make their own health decisions, and that’s their right.

That's why I run a condom-optional production company. I'm not saying condoms are bad; I think they're wonderful. I'm saying that forcing entertainers to wear condoms when entertainment is their business, and when there are already regulations in place to minimize STD risk, is inherently wrong.

What's the best sex you've ever had?

God, I don't really know. I'm bad at bests. I've done so many things with so many different people that it's impossible to answer that. I'd say in general, the best sex happens when both people ask each other what they want.

Do you still get horny? What do you think about to keep a boner?

Definitely. All the time. I think about the usual stuff: a certain body part, a smell, someone's personality, their voice, their intelligence …

Does sex ever get boring to you?

No. Never.

Who have you always wanted to fuck?

No one. I don't really have a desire to fuck people I haven't met. When I see a hot woman on TV, I just think “She's hot,” not “I want to fuck her right now.”

If we invited you over, what would you do to us?

You tell me. As long as it doesn't involve clowns, I'm giving you free rein.

Give us your best sex move.

Oh my god, this question! Listen, if you want to know how to please a man, ask a man. If you want to know how to please a woman, ask a woman. Neither of the genders knows what the other one wants nearly as much as they think they do. I can guarantee you that any girl who says she gives good head doesn't. I've actually been sitting next to someone in an interview who said they gave great head, and I had to intervene and be like “No, you don't, actually.”

OK, so how do you give good head?

Ask the guy you're giving head to.

What's your favorite scene that you've shot or acted in?

I don't really have one. I'm working on a Seven Deadly Sins series where I made each sin into a porn, and that has been really interesting to work on from a creative standpoint. I've done every sin so far except gluttony, which I should hopefully be shooting this month.

What question do you always wish someone would ask you?

I don't know, but my cat is looking at me really, really funny right now … I gotta go … bye!

Goodbye, sweet James. Remember us always.

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2. What is baby oil actually made for? WHY ARE YOU OILING UP BABIES???? That's fucking weird and gross.
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4. Sometimes I pee in the cat box to show the furry fucks who's boss.
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