Take off your pants and show people who you're really voting for. 

Bernie Sanders, a loveable grandfather with a Brooklyn accent, is gaining popularity among democratic voters. His promise to shrink the middle-class and help low-income American families makes him a devoted presidential candidate.

The real reason to vote for Sanders is not his stance on bettering America, however. It’s his desire to be in your pants.

After a late-night TV show where Bernie Sanders talks about his preference for briefs over boxers, employees of a Vermont company have launched a side business selling underwear in order to up Sander’s numbers. For a low price of $15, you can purchase men or women’s underwear that feature’s a black-and-white drawing of Bernie Sander’s face with the caption “Feel the Bern.”

Though it may seem like this is a campaign for VD, it’s all about the tightie whities.

We think this is exactly what your partner wants to see when they rip off your pants: a picture of Bernie Sanders cheesin’ with a misleading slogan that should just read “I have an infection. Feel the Bern.”

Sanders isn’t the only who has invited you to feel him with your nether regions. Maybe you don’t remember Obama’s lewd commercial product, Barack Obama Toilet Paper, which allowed you to let him in your hearts and your anus.

So make sure to support your favorite candidate and buy some Bernie Sanders underwear so you can “Feel the Bern!”