… Or, if you want to stick with your North Face fleece, that's fine too.

PC Music is a Britsh digi-pop label and cultural phenomenon famous for its eye-popping, hyper-clean aesthetics and satirization of the saccharine pop princessi of today's internet age. As we speak, they're changing the game, both because of the almost gratingly weird pop they produce and because of the way they operate. When their artists perform, PC necessarily makes it hard to tell whether their artists and the songs they sing are real; the production scale and ultra-fanatic scene is such that you're never really sure whether they're giving an actual performance or conducting a searing ridicule of the pop industry itself. Is it a joke or an actual thing you should care about? Ain't nobody got time to answer that.

But, as much as they're revolutionizing the pop music scene, they're also shaping the renewal of the futuristic fashion movement at the same time. At Pop Cube, their groundbreaking rave at BRIC House in Brooklyn last Friday, PC Music fans showed up decked out in looks that you have to have both (disco) balls and access to a Star Trek prop house to pull off.

PC's brand of futurist fashion is a little different than traditional futurism in that, instead of skewing in the direction of strictly modern, it also incorporates aspects of satirical over-branding (see track suits below) 90s normcore (trench coats and puffy tennis Dad socks) and completely functionless galactic accouterments (shoulder pads made of Darth Vader helmets). For further visualization, picture the last six decades as a layer cake, then smash your head through that imaginary cake, then watch the movie Her, then gouge your eyes out with shards from the same disco ball Donna Summer did ketamine off of in the 70s. You can't pull it off without looking like a time machine just dropped into an alternate version of reality where Y2K actually happened and you survived by taking up residence in a still-smoldering Goodwill. You later moved to Joann Fabrics because a computerized drone tried to smoke you out of the Adidas slip-on section, but that's neither here nor there. Get it? Got it? Good.

With that visual in mind, if you're now thinking that all you need to embrace PC's futurist trend is a pair of ominously dusty running shoes, a branded track suit, some shoulder pads from who knows where about a football field's worth of foil, then give yourself a treat, because you understand! You're getting it!

With that said, here are a few looks from PC's Pop Cube that you can steal to convince people of your cultural relevance … provided you don't mind wearing pants with the reflective power of the sun and are willing to forgo aerodynamics and urethral access in the name of style.

(All images from Fader)