Who: Darnell & Trevont
Where:16th & Champa
Dressed for: Chilling with Friends
Style Highlights:  Style that speaks for itself, Darnell & Trevont show off their playful street style with bold colors and unexpected accessories.  Relaxed and laid back is the alma mater of fashion this fall and Darnell pulls it off effortlessly with name brand sweats that make sloppy look cool, paired with sneakers that tie (or rather untie) this blasé look together. He looped a colorful Mardi Gras necklace around a coin bag as an bold but effortless way to tote his belongings along his adventures through the city. "Should I stop eating my poptart?" Trevont nails denim on denim by choosing pieces that are slightly distressed & worn in. He adds in pops of color with bright pink kicks adorned with rainbow laces that match surprisingly well with his funky skateboard. His accessory of choice? A speaker that he has fashioned into a necklace.


Who: Alex
Where:16th & Welton
Dressed for: A night out with friends
Style Highlights:  Alex plays with the classic Americana look, donning a paisley dress with a denim jacket. She switches up the look with thigh high socks and classic black Doc Martens to add an edgy kick to her ensemble. She finished off her look by toting around a pastel purse, the preferred hue declared by fashion designers this season.


Who: Chloe
Where:16th & Champa
Dressed for: Skateboarding
Style Highlights:  Bursting with energy, Chloe skipped right past me, her glittery circular crossbody bag glistening under the fluorescent lighting. Her outfit is casual enough for a cruise around downtown on her skateboard, yet she mixes colors and bold geometric patterns to make a statement with her style. Oversized hoop earrings are all the rage right now, but determined to stay a step ahead Chloe rocks oversized triangle earrings instead.


Who: David
Where: 16th & Curtis
Dressed for: Conference
Style Highlights:  Strutting down 16th street, David looks dapper in a fresh take on the classic suit. He ditches the boring black counterpart in favor of a mixing shades of blue, looking too fresh to just be stuck in a meeting all evening.



Who: Rosie
Where: 16th & California
Dressed for: Art Museum
Style Highlights:  Though she's rocking a letterman style jacket, Rosie looks too cool for school in ripped black jeans and studded boots. She mixes in a psychedelic tie dye t-shirt in the same burgundy hue as her jacket and, coincidentally, the highlights in her hair.


Who: Royce
Where:16th & California
Dressed for: Practice for his band, Scarlight
Style Highlights:  Standing on a street corner waiting for the bassist in his band, Royce looks hopelessly mysterious in head to toe black, the essential uniform of any metal head. True to his rock roots, he dons a pair of Converse to make thrashing around on stage that much easier to navigate, while keeping his cool with a modern 5 panel baseball cap. His long military style trench coat is actually very hot on the runways right now, not that Royce gives a shit.


Who: Skylar
Where:16th & Arapahoe
Dressed for: Dinner Date
Style Highlights:  Bohemian meets the streets with Skylar's feminine dinner date outfit. Her whimsical lace dress shows off flirty details with off the shoulder cut-outs. A long turquoise necklace and floppy hat rack up points for her down to earth style, while she kicks it up a notch with opaque black tights and tall buckled boots.


Who: Chelsea & Mindy
Where: 16th & Lawerence
Dressed for: Smoke Break
Style Highlights:  Chelsea & Mindy embody the age old fashion rule of less is more. Keeping it simple with neutral shades allows any outfit to look polished and chic. In case you didn't get the memo, skinny jeans have finally been knocked from their reign and wide leg pants are taking a stand. Chelsea dons pant's new favorite silhouette topped off with an edgy riveted leather jacket. Mindy keeps it cozy with a scoop neck knit sweater thrown over a black on black ensemble. Paired with golden geometric earrings and a perfectly messy top knot, Mindy adds subtle girly details to sweeten up her style.


Who: Xinhe
Where: 16th & Glenarm
Dressed for: Shopping
Style Highlights:  Xinhe's style remains undefined as she playfully mixes girly and sporty aesthetics. She looks sweet as can be dressed in a creme knit sweater, flirty skater skirt and a bright red hair bow. She tops off her look with a track jacket, sneakers and thigh high socks that remind us of our old gym tube socks with a fashionable upgrade.


Who: Brittany & Karynn
Where: 16th & Stout
Dressed for: Shopping
Style Highlights:  Brittany looks ultra cool in a sleek bomber jacket over a kick-ass t-shirt with bloodied comic book characters. She completes her edgy look with black skinny jeans and fresh out of the box Adidas. Karynn adds a touch of elegance to her look with an iridescent maroon trench coat, tapestry print pants and knee high leather riding boots. She's also probably the only girl who can rock the Blossom floppy hat better than Blossom herself.