The fashion savvy in Colorado have more to worry about then which styles are currently on trend, because quite frankly it really doesn't matter what you're wearing when it's barely 10 degrees outside and your outfit is covered up by your heaviest winter jacket. However, a few Boulderites have figured out how to spice up their winter wardrobe while browsing shops at Pearl Street Mall. Men gravitated towards leather and denim jackets; with many sporting shearling collars, a vintage favorite reappearing on the winter runways worldwide. While many men kept it simple with their hood pulled up for a hat, newsboy caps were a choice alternative. Tall boots will always be a staple for women in Colorado faced with trudging through snow for the better half of the year, paired with even taller socks adds a feminine touch. Oversized garments are a cold weather preference for the ladies, topped with layers of scarves and sweaters to emcompass the boho vibe in Boulder.