A recently published study reveals what many of us have thought all along: although Republicans are oftentimes huge opponents to anything that is related to the LGTBQ+ community, holy mother of goddamn do they enjoy watching transgender pornography.

Indeed, it seems that whereas your grandfather used to be full of hateful rhetoric and bigoted concepts, it turns out that he may just be extremely confused.

A study posted through Lawsuit.com gathered Google search trend data during the month of June, segmented it by metro area, and compared the search volume to both 2020 election voting trends and public opinions on LGBT rights.

“The data tells a tragic tale of self-loathing closet cases, Republicans who privately get off sexually to trans folks, while publicly trying to remove trans peoples’ rights and stoking hate against them,” reads the study from Lawsuit.com.

The study then rendered visualizations of America with the highest volumes of transgender porn related Google searches, with search terms for the list including “shemale”, “tranny”, “femboy”, and “ladyboy.”

Please note: most, if not all, of these terms aren’t really accepted in the common American vernacular anymore. We’re not telling you that you can’t ever say these words, but if you ever call a transgender person a “tranny,” you may want to prepare to be roundhouse kicked in the face.

According to Lawsuit’s study, the top five most transgender obsessed states are: Texas, Georgia, Kentucky, Missouri, Kansas and Virginia. The top five metro areas most obsessed with transgender pornography are Wichita Falls, Texas and Lawton, Oklahoma, (they both tied for first) Atlanta, Georgia, Denver, Colorado, Nashville, Tennessee, and Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

This isn’t the first time a Republican lawmaker has voted against trans rights and subsequently gotten busted for looking at some trans-related pornography shortly afterwards.

Last year, Alabama State Senator Tom Whatley voted in favor of a bill attacking transgender minors’ access to lifesaving healthcare, shortly before he was busted liking a tweet that featured breasts from user “Bambi Hardcore TG 18+” who described themselves as a “Enbi trans girl fairie princess.”

The tweet showed up in Whatley’s liked tweets, with his work account being listed in the tweets’ list of likes.

“I love my new, fat, G-cup tiddies,” reads Bambi’s tweet. When pressed for comment from LGBTQNation, Whatley didn’t respond, but proceeded to unlike the tweet on twitter, which only made him look more guilty.

In 2018, Alex Jones (yeah, that’s the one) was caught with a video of Transgender pornography actress Marissa Minx on his phone, but only after he stated that transgender people are “super ugly” and “sexualize children.”

Make no mistake here folks, there is nothing wrong with watching pornography, and trans women are women, so there isn’t any shame on that side of things. However, to also be an outspoken, vehement opponent to individuals just trying to be themselves while also being an elected official? Well that’s almost as fucked up as our browser history.