Enjoy that fresh, god-given air while your best friend chokes to death on its own carbon dioxide …

People love their cats. Some people really love their cats. They're like, wittle bitty bunnies with hunched over muffin ears! They'd do anything to make these little mooches comfortable in the kings life they already have. 

But they fucking suck to take outside. Because we lock them up in our stuffy apartments all day, most of them are looking for any opportunity to bail and get back to the wild where they belong. That's where U-Pet comes in, a company dedicated to keeping that feline close to you at all times all while you're outside enjoying the fresh god-given air.

The space-age design allows for your kitty to be locked inside of a chamber, yet see what they're missing through the lens of a clear, probably view distorting bubble. 

Never again deal with the tenuous task of trying to walk a cat with a leash like a Portland-based hipster. Here, your traveling-inept love can shriek in horror without so much as a peep coming through the constricting box of misery.

But don't take our word for it. Here's YouTube star Anna Akana's cats reviewing the new product for anyone with their credit cards out already: