Four easy tips for when you want the stuff that comes out of your mouth to be as filthy as what goes in it.

1. Practice, Research

Before you start, research which words you find hot. Do you like things that sound playful and teasing, or serious and erotic? Finding words and ways of saying them that turn you on will help you say them confidently and earnestly. Once you find what you like, practice to yourself … preferably while your roommates are home.

2. Say what you want

The most basic dirty-talk strategy is to tell your partner what you want to do to them, or what you want them to to do you. It’s so easy, even a microwaved burrito could do it! For example: “I want you to run your fingers up and down my entire body until I can’t handle it anymore.” Piece of cake, right?

3. Say what you like

It can be incredibly erotic to hear what your partner is enjoying, so get descriptive about what’s happening in the moment. Use your senses to do this — what do you like that you see, hear, feel, taste or smell?
For example: “I love the image of your body on top of mine and the feeling of you pressed against me.”

4. No porn for you

Talking dirty often sounds so awkward in real life because people say what they think other people want to hear, not what they actually want to say. Oftentimes, that influence comes from porn. Bad idea: what people are saying in porn is fake, and it’ll sound just as fake when it comes out of your mouth. Instead, be authentic and say what feels right for you.