Yep, now this is rock bottom for the political season.

It’s the political season and God help us all.

Just when we thought things couldn’t get anymore dire for the current state of politics, a tattoo artist out of New Hampshire, who supports The Donald, helped us hit rock bottom by offering anyone a free tattoo of Donald Trump’s face. Sadly, the limited time offer wasn’t a joke and people are lining up to receive the saggy, duck lipped face on their nascent body.

"Geez, people are crazy, they're calling me every seven minutes," tattoo artist Bob Holmes told FOX25. "I'm trying to do two or three of the free tattoos a day, so that I still have enough money from the customers that are paying."

People are lining up for the tattoos. Whether it's because they're pro Trump or just enjoy a free tattoos is another thing. As for Bob, Trump's economic policies resonate deeply with the small business owner. He believes Trump will help bring the economy back to life. Ironic, considering Bob already has too much business on his hands as it is. But what would we know, we’re just drunk writers.

"No matter what way of life you have, no matter what you do for a living, how can you not like Donald Trump?" Holmes said. "For the future of this country, how can you not?"

Well Bob, where do we start? We're not going to waste anyone's time or brain energy with the obvious, so we'll instead show you these beautiful pictures of Trump tattoos should you sporadically, nonsensically and drunkenly decide to tattoo the real estate moguls face on your scrotum.