Its a bird … it's a plane … it's super gonorrhea!

The word "super" is generally reserved to describe things that are better than their competition. For example, Superman is called Superman because he's better at being a man than everyone else. Kale is often called a superfood by obnoxious people because it's better at being a vegetable than other vegetables. Likewise, super-gonorrhea is called that because it’s better than normal gonorrhea at being fucking terrifying.

Reports of super-gonorrhea are on the rise across England and it’s as scary as it sounds. Unlike your grandma's gonorrhea, super-gonorrhea is hell-bent on being untreatable. Typically, gonorrhea is easy to treat, at least as far as STDs go. Doctors can just prescribe antibiotics to send "The Clap" packing. But this increasingly common super-gonorrhea is resistant to antibiotics.

Unfortunately, the bacterium that causes gonorrhea is pretty god damn tough. Which is really bad news for everyone that likes to have unprotected sex on the reg. But good news for the gonorrhea bacteria, we guess?

Currently doctors use a combination of the antibiotics Azithromycin and Ceftriaxone to treat gonorrhea, and it works. However, antibiotics only work when they're used correctly, and people are notoriously bad at following doctors' advice. Which is kind of how gonorrhea exists in the first place — you know, because people aren't using condoms and what not? The fact that a lot people are indifferent to a doctor's advice and misuse antibiotics leads to antibiotic resistant bacteria.

Two factors have directly contributed to the existence of super-gonorrhea. The first factor is that some clinics are using just one of the two antibiotics to treat the infection. While this can work there is the risk that it might not kill off all the bacteria. The second problem is that people are lazy bastards and are notoriously bad at taking a full course of antibiotics when they're prescribed.

Both of these situations come with the risk that some of the bacteria will survive. These unkilled super-bacteria then can reproduce and bam! You now have antibiotic resistant super-gonorrhea.

This so called super-gonorrhea has already become resistant to Azithromycin, and doctors fear it’s only a matter of time before this evil form of the clap will soon be resistant to Ceftriaxone.

This would be a huge problem for people that like to have sex, because at this time there is no alternative treatment. If gonorrhea becomes widely resistant to the two current antibiotics, there will be no alternative treatment. Meaning effectively that gonorrhea will be incurable. Shit. That is terrifying.

Gonorrhea is the second most common STD in the United Sates, so the idea of it becoming resistant to antibiotics is extremely troubling.

Chylamidia is the most common STD in the United States, in case you were wondering.