We thought we were open-minded, but now that we've seen this … 

Generally, we think people should be able to let their freak flags fly. Especially when it comes to sex — as long as everyone consents, get your swerve on in a big way. 

But every once and a while, something pops up on our radar that scares the shit out of us. 

After a few wrong turns on Amazon we ran into the Vajankle, and now we're gonna show it to you. 

You might have guessed this before you clicked on it, but it's a bit NSFW …

As if the severed foot wasn't startling enough, the mad-scientist-installed vajayjay molded into the stump is enough to make us a little squeamish.  While this could very easily be your jam, running into this monster might unrealistically set you up for a lifetime of disappointment, since you'll just about never find this in the real world. 

To prove that the Internet is far, far more confusing than you'd ever dream, here are five real questions submitted to the company's website.

1. Are the toes strong enough to hold bees?

2. Would you consider putting a butthole on the other foot that doesn't have a vagina?

3. Would you consider putting some teeth inside?

4. Hi, are you considering a Vajarmpit at all?

5. Is the foot small enough to put in my anus?

Answer: Anything is small enough to put in your anus if you're brave enough.

At only $175, you could even afford to buy a pair. We can only hope that you can't get athlete's foot in your crotch …