This was definitely the most SFW image we could find on the subject … 

Alright, you clicked on this, so you know shit is about to get really, really weird. Like, probably the weirdest shit we've ever seen. Because when it comes to sexy stuff, even the craziest, messed-up shit we can think of still has to do with things that exist in our universe: butts, corn cobs, jumper cables, etc. 

But since we didn't get tinglies when we watched the facehugger scene in Aliens, this little gem might not be marketed toward us. Say hello to "The Ovipositor." And yes, this is real. 

Yup. Sorry. But you cram this monster in your favorite tender area, and squeeze it like a tube of toothpaste to "lay an alien egg" up inside yourself. At about $130, it's definitely not cheap, but if this is your thing, then it's money well spent. 

If you didn't feel sick just looking at it, get ready to really feel awful by watching the video. Or don't. (Probably the last option.)

In a recent interview, the creator talks about what kind of people end up ordering these things:

Well, the real answer here is simply "people." I truly can't say that it's strictly one group or mindset or any other kind of convenient stereotype that like these sorts of things. People get turned on by many things beyond what our respective societies would deem "normal." We are niche in the sense that we're catering to some of the lesser catered-to fetishes. We send our products all over the world to many different races, creeds, and cultures.

We can only hope that one of you really, really loves stuff like this, and you had no idea until today. 

You're welcome.