Who thought this was a good idea?

It's hard to stay at the top when it comes to design. Remember when everyone thought these were the dumbest things ever?

Now they're everywhere. They're still stupid, but Reebok is laughing all the way to the bank. Nike needs to stay on the cutting edge to compete, and to top the asinine designs of its competition, it decided to go a little crazy. 

Well, maybe a lot crazy. 

Nike created a whole mess of crazy-ass kicks as part of its Nature of Motion exhibition at Milano Design Week. Get ready, because you'll see all the coolest kids wearing these next season. 

The sneaker above, EXPERIMENT 20150701301, is based on the cobblestone paths people in Taiwan walk on as a refloxology treatment to improve their health. The rocks used on the sneakers came from Nike’s headquarters in Oregon — it’s kind of like walking into an ocean with a rocky bottom except you never get to a point where you can start swimming.

Another model, EXPERIMENT 20151101600, were created to mimic the experience of running on pine needles, which was a directive from Nike’s first employee, Jeff Johnson.

EXPERIMENT 20151001732 imagined a shoe without any real shape and was dipped in multiple layers of foam so that no matter the impact direction, the shoes would never fully compress.

Oh Nike, you so crazy.