Your sexually permissive canine harpie friend just got lipstick …

Like everyone always says: "Dogs are just furry people!" Thing is, people are sluts. Now your dog can be too with Tindog, a new app that's like human Tinder, but for sexually permissive canine harpies.

Did your dog just get out of back-to-back three year relationships? Is her main squeeze out of town and she's looking for side butt? Are we really just talking about you? Now your dog's entire sexual future is at the end of their pawtips … which are really just your lonely little fingers.

Tindog is exactly like Tinder, which is, without a doubt, the best way for humans to find lasting true love. However, Tindog notably improves on some glaring flaws from the human version. For one, there are no pitiful looking boy-men standing on the top of a mountain with one foot on a rock, clearly swollen with pride at their own accomplishments, with a bio that says "looking for adventure," so if that doesn't scream "TINDOG NOW," nothing does.

Also, everyone is nude. Party on, Wayne! Although … you may have to ask for a lipstick pic.

The app is pretty simple. First, you upload a photo of the beast (as in your dog, not your pubic hair forest), and yourself as well if you want to get in on the action (presumably with the other dog's owner, but hey, no judgements).

After that, you two horn-dogs can browse pictures of all the other totally doable Air Buds in your area. When you see some butt you want to sniff,  just paw right.  If the attraction is mutual, you can start chatting with the other dog's owner and maybe even set up a date to hump each other in person. May we recommend a going to grab a quick snip-snip at the vet? We wouldn't want any puppies to befall this one-night-stand.

But aside from the leaps and bounds Tindog will improve in your dog's sex life … think of what it'll do for your own. Your dog is, as most people vehemently agree, much more attractive, photogenic and verbally eloquent than you, so if you use their likeness as a avatar for your own lonely slut-hood … you could taming more than just your dog. Fuck yeah, not-creepy dog app. Fuck yeah.