She’s the most sexually submissive partner you’ve ever had. You can maneuver her limbs to place her in any position, choose from any and all of her orifices, and dress her in whatever clothes fulfill your fantasies. She’s too good to be real, because she’s not real. She’s a silicon sex doll.

Within the past decade, access to these highly lifelike ladies has been limited. High-end, anatomically correct sex dolls could cost anywhere from $5,000 to $25,000, depending upon your custom design. But as of late, it’s no longer necessary to pay top dollar to play with life-size dolls. Accessibility to realistic sex mannequins has grown with the flooding of the market and the founding of the first sex doll brothel.

The latest advancement in sex doll accessibility is a brothel called Lumidolls, now open for business in the heart of Barcelona, Spain. The toy whorehouse offers several artificial ladies to choose from, and promises that customers can “hardly distinguish” the dolls from real women.

But where’s the fun in fucking women who don’t talk, move, or even breathe? And what’s the appeal of penetrating an inanimate object that’s been humped by hundreds of men before you?

Sarah Valverde, a researcher and mental health therapist, can explain exactly what type of men a sex doll brothel is likely to have walk through its doors. She completed her masters thesis on the psychological characteristics of sex doll owners. And contrary to popular belief, she’s found that a sexual infatuation with inanimate objects does not necessarily indicate a mental disorder.

Instead, oftentimes the allure of a doll over a real-life woman is her lack of human characteristics. From a doll-lover’s perspective, women are unpredictable, but dolls are enduring. Women might laugh at you, but dolls accept you for who you are.

Valverde’s research suggests that sex dolls provide comfort and a sexual outlet for men who either can’t find or don’t want a romantic experience with a flesh-and-blood female. Because those can be a bit of a handful; and in a society where real-life women are becoming more empowered and entitled, sex dolls offer a way for men to retreat into encounters where they’re always in control.

Valverde has focused primarily on why a man would want to own a sex mannequin. But why would someone want to rent one? For the one-and-done consumers of a sex doll brothel, the price is right — approximately $115 to $160 per session — but the exclusive nature of possession is missing. That doll has had loads of other men penetrate her naughty parts.

For these men, sharing a sex doll likely has the same appeal as a gang bang. In the same way a man would share his lady with a dozen other horndogs, he’d happily take turns with a sexy mannequin. Doll-fuckers and gang-bangers alike are engaging in what’s called sperm competition, an evolutionary strategy to maximize the likelihood of paternity when their partner is being plowed by multiple other men.

Of course, brothel patrons are not actively aiming to impregnate a lifeless figurine. Passing around a sex doll is simply a more modern adaptation of sperm competition, where knowledge that a woman (or doll, this case) has had numerous other partners, so if they want to pass on their genes, they’d better get in there next.

This innate human trait is one of the most practical explanations for the desire to shove your dick in a cum-filled silicone hole. But the allure also comes from a lack of innately human traits. Mannequins have no mind, so they also have no judgements or criticisms. They speak no words, so they pose no threats of embarrassment or belittlement. It’s essentially impossible for them to be disagreeable.

Lumidolls will find these are their greatest selling points. It’s what will keep frisky men falling back in line. And now that we understand the psychology behind doll desires, men who would fork over the cash to fuck a figurine can know they’re not alone. If having sex with a silicone whore has always been your fantasy, Lumidolls finally affords you the opportunity. Your submissive plastic princess awaits.