Interests include long walks on the beach, hatred of the 1% and having slightly socialist views.

There would be no bigger turn-off in the entire world than finding out that your potential partner was a secret Trump supporter. So in the name of specialty dating sites like the outdoor-lovin' LuvByrd, or our personal favorite, Bernie Sanders lovers just launched

In its own words, BernieSingles was "founded in 2016 by a group of *dank* individuals who just want the fire to Bern in everyone's heart!"

The new site's inaugural tweet reads, "If Bernie can do such amazing things, why not add bringing two people together a thing."

The site has roughly 6,000 members, so the odds of finding someone who isn't a complete psychopath is creeping higher and higher everyday. There's only about 100 people in Colorado, but we'd take that over the buckets of human garbage over on Tinder.

BernieSingles admits it's not only a dating site, but also an "online community for people of all walks of life" where you can "meet cool Bernie-loving dudes and dudettes." Among other incentives to join: "Meet people that have a general understanding of how the economy works! Or even meet people that aren't complete bigots!"

The site even has a list of "commandments," which are as follows:

Thou shall not send nudes without consent from both parties
Thou shall not post nudes publicly (at least not here)
Thou shall not be creepy, rapey or stalky
Thou shall not bring up "he who shall not be named" (Trump) without having at least 1 adjective before he (I.E. ol racist Trump, sh**bag Trump)

That's it. Time to meet our cheap-college-lovin' soulmate …