Donald Trump has given hundreds of speeches since he took office in 2016, but none of them have been as jumbled, confused and detached from reality as the one he gave over Facebook live on December 2nd.

And apparently, it was the most important speech he’s ever given. At least, according to him.

Addressing a camera, alone in a room in the White House, Trump stood before a podium and unleashed a flood of untruths and unfounded accusations about the recent election and the results thereof. He accused states of “tremendous voter fraud,” he blamed, he pointed fingers, he diverted and generally sowed disinformation and distrust in our American democracy among his most ardent supporters — which is a very troubling concept.

Because, while most Americans saw that speech for what it was (the loose ramblings of an aging narcissist who’s in denial) there are many Americans out there that took his word as fact. The nutjobs and the crazies of this world, unfortunately cannot parse out the difference between Trump’s insane accusations and reality. There are a lot of Americans out there who listened to this speech and were left feeling cheated — feeling as though democracy had been stolen form them and from their president.

That’s not good. In fact, it’s outright dangerous. This country is divided and confused enough already — Trump doesn’t need to muddy the water any more. H doesn't need to risk another civil war just because he can’t accept the ballot count.

Anyway, if you can ignore the mistrust this speech likely seeded in many people and the potential for violence it may have left them with, it’s almost entertaining. Too bad this is reality in America 2020 instead of a reality TV show, where Trump actually belongs.