We might have left him in there, for just a few more hours …

While you were out enjoying the blistering hot summer weather on Friday, there were firefighters down in Colorado Springs at work — stuck doing the worst job anyone can think of right now. 

They had to rescue Donald Trump from an elevator. 

The Don was in town for a speaking event to rally more brainless minions on Friday, when an elevator he and 10 other people were riding in stalled. The lot of them were stuck for about half an hour before firefighters were able to lower a ladder and get everyone to safety. 

During his speech — rather than thank the ones who helped him — ol' D-Bag went ahead and criticized the department for capping attendance, saying they didn't know how to do their jobs and that the ones working it were "probably a democrat."

The on-scene fire marshal claims it was because the campaign handed out too many tickets, and as the law states, everyone wasn't able to enter because of fire codes. 

For what it's worth, we probably would have saved him too, though, he may have had to wait another 8 hours for us to find a ladder that was made in America. Like he would have wanted …

body photo: Jason Connolly, Getty Images