If you’ve finally grown tired of yelling “Fuck Trump!” and now want to put those words into action, these Trump-shaped dildos offer the sexy solution you need.

After unveiling her masterpiece on Twitter, the creator of these fuckable “Trumpsicles” is now selling her sex toys on Etsy.

Every dildo is hand-made from glitter and silicone and comes in a variety of colors. The artist claims they allow you to “resist Trump by putting him inside you.”


Few women could deny the allure of feeling the commander in chief’s comb-over and duck lips deep inside their vagina.

However, these sex toys are too beautiful to be treated like an average dildo, and hidden away in the bedroom drawer. Instead, they can be used as sculptures in the dining room, book-ends in the library, or hung from a chandelier in the foyer.

If you happen to prefer the president in your butthole, there’s also Trump-shaped buttplugs available for your pleasure.

Whether it’s dildos, buttplugs, or maxi pads, there’s plenty of ways to cope with the potentially 7 years to come. #Trump2020