Want sexual enlightenment, but only have time for a quickie? Every week, we recap the most interesting sex headlines from around the world.

1. Twitter has become the number one social network for nudists, the Atlantic reports. As platforms like Facebook and Instagram crack down on explicit content, Twitter has allowed nudity (and nudists) to thrive.

2. New York Times compares the process of getting an abortion in two states with very different abortion restrictions, California and Mississippi. California is one of eight states that have no major abortion restrictions. Mississippi is among the most restrictive states in the country. “It doesn’t make a difference if it’s legal if it’s inaccessible,” says Diane Derzis, owner of the only remaining abortion clinic in Mississippi.

3. Woman says flight crew made "jokes" after a man masturbated next to her. On Genevieve Pascolla's flight from London to Chicago earlier this month, she woke up from a nap to find the the man sitting next to her appeared to be masturbating under a blanket. She jumped out of her chair, switched seats, and then told attendants about how she had a similar experience on public transportation. "They then started making jokes about the situation asking, 'What perfume are you wearing?' and excusing him, saying, 'He’s had a bit of wine.” Pascolla also alleged that no one stopped him, and the man was "allowed to finish, with a child sitting closely by."

4. Hot Russian spy used sex to form influential political connections. Maria Butina, a 29-year-old Russian woman is charged with conspiracy and illegally acting as an agent of the Russian government. Butina used sex and deception to forge powerful connections in conservative circles, prosecutors say. She offered one American sex in exchange for a job that would provide a work visa. She moved in with a Republican political operative nearly twice her age, describing him as her boyfriend. But she privately expressed “disdain” for him and had him do her homework.

5. Justice was served when a woman took down the pervert who grabbed her ass, and the entire event was captured on camera. A customer groped 21-year-old Emelia Holden while she was working at a pizzeria in Savannah, Georgia. She retaliated against the creep, pulling his shirt and slamming him to the ground just moments after he grabs her. She then yelled, “You don’t touch me, motherfucker!” The smackdown has since gone viral on Reddit.

6. Michael Cohen secretly recorded tapes of Trump discussing payments to a former Playboy model. The conversation occurred two months before the presidential election, and the F.B.I. seized the recording this year during a raid on Mr. Cohen’s office. The Justice Department is investigating Mr. Cohen’s involvement in paying women to silence embarrassing news stories about Mr. Trump ahead of the 2016 election. Prosecutors want to know if campaign funds were used to pay off the women, a violation of federal campaign finance laws.

7. A man has been arrested for stealing a woman's car in the middle of a date — only to use it to take another woman on a date.

8. Cardinal McCarrick, one of the most prominent public faces of the Catholic Church in America, had a sexually abusive relationship with a young boy that lasted for nearly 20 years, the man told the New York Times. Some in the church hierarchy had known for decades about allegations that he was sexually harassing and touching students who were studying to become priests. Cardinal McCarrick was suddenly removed from ministry last month over a substantiated allegation that he sexually assaulted a 16-year-old altar boy in 1971.

9. Feminism win: new predator movie to feature lady predators. Since the first Predator movie premiered in 1987, feminists have wondered when they'll finally receive on-screen representation to prove that men aren't the only ones capable of being technologically advanced extraterrestrials who stalk and brutally murder victims. While Hillary Clinton didn't end up breaking the glass ceiling and becoming the first woman president, a female Predator is the next best thing.

10. Comic-Con 2018 kicks off in San Diego this weekend, and struggles to cope with its sexist atmosphere in the #MeToo era. Questions remain about whether convention organizers will take any extra steps to address long standing allegations of harassment issues, whether it’s female cosplayers (people who dress up in costumes), general attendees or even those hawking merchandise (sometimes called “booth babes”).